1. David Hollenback

    Fj40 died while driving

    Hey guys. Last night I was driving and it was going good. I drove for about an hour and coming up a slight hill I started smelling something burn and then after about 15 seconds the FJ40 shut down and died. Lights and radio still worked. I tried to crank it and it wanted to crank but would not...
  2. F

    2006 LC died slowly while driving? Help, electrical?

    Pulled out of my driveway, red battery light turned on, colt meter dropped fast from 14-12-9 over the next 2 blocks, then a couple lights rcsa popped on, nav screen and time flicking. I pulled into Parking lot. Turned off. Pop hood, battery is only 2 years old, connections clean and secure...
  3. S

    87 FJ60 starter issues?

    So I was warming up the wagon this AM, with the choke about 3/4 and it up and died after about 4 minutes. I restarted the usual way (3 pumps on the gas and turn the key) and moved it about 8 feet to put the windshield in the sun to help with the frost. It died again. I restarted and it ran...
  4. Flyin Tyes

    Swamp Donkey died while on the highway, Transmission?

    I was driving up a steep highway (6%) grade Saturday morning, 50-60 mph, ETC/ pwr button pushed, minimal load. Cold morning (20 deg) heater blowing. Truck starts slowing down, engine is still running fine, but more gas pedal wasn't increasing my speed. No noises I recall when it was slowing...
  5. RedComet

    92 FJ80 - Dead Battery Mystery

    Ok, I have a good one for you guys. So we've noticed that our '92 Cruiser's battery seems to die at near random points. It originally died after we brought it home from the PO which was a long drive in the rain. (Wipers, lights, heat all on) So we thought alternator. We've checked and...
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