1. BrewTuna

    Gx460 Sport Design / No Nav

    Not affiliated. Thought this one was pretty cool. Sport Design w. No Nav. 2013 *LEXUS* *GX 460* *Premium* 4WD V8 Third Row Seats Leather SUV 13
  2. american outlaw

    Opinions on bumper design?

    This is kinda turning into my build thread for my bumper. Might make a new thread if yall would perfer. just let me know! My sister hit something in my cruiser and lost the plastic end cap and bent the hanger for the front bumper. So I decided im going to fabricate a bumper for the front. I...
  3. J

    Rooftop tent question

    I'm designing a rooftop tent for my FJ80. Why do most RTT designs go across the vehicle, rather than folding along it (front to back)? I've been seeing more and more 70 series cruisers running around with campers on top of them, so it got me wondering why, if I'm making my own, I wouldn't...
  4. nextuniverse

    Your feedback is appreciated—creating a SuperFSM

    In April, I bought a 1994 FZJ80 with 201k miles. Since then I've spent much time on Mud, researching anything and everything about the truck. Mud is great. Finding this forum, and reading all the knowledgeable posts, is what convinced me to buy an 80s Cruiser (I was also considering the 4Runner...
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