1. Last Flight Out

    Pros and Cons of Desmogging all original FJ40

    Been thinking (just thinking at this point) about possibly desmogging my 1981 factory original FJ for the sole purpose of it running better and maybe (dare I say) a bit stronger. I keep going back to the idea that I have a perfectly good and running FJ with all factory CA smog...and I do not...
  2. HemiAlex

    Final part of 2F de-smog: what's left?

    I'm at the end of my path for a this 2F. It's as tuned up as I can think to make it: -289,000 mile original shortblock. 130 psi average compression. Fresh cylinder head and valve adjustment. No leaks from intake or exhaust. Almost completely desmogged. -2.25" catless to a factory sized...
  3. I

    Updating 84 Fj60

    new member to mud. I am reading everything I can find to get the best ideas and parts. I have owned this 84 Fj60 since 1985. It has been in a barn for 13 or so years. All stock. This is a good time to make changes. Carburetor, distributor, DeSmog, Cat, winch Bumper, wheels/Tires, seat upholstery...
  4. ChaserFJ60

    Fj60 2FE Engine Codes

    I have a 1984 Fj60 with a 1988 Fj62 fuel injection engine head on it. The donor engine was already desmogged so i put on a desmogged EFI on. I left my catalytic converter on when i first drove it (Because i was lazy) but as soon as i cut it off i got the engine codes 25/26. the exhaust pipe i...
  5. DoubleNickels

    For Sale Boise: 2F Emissions Parts

    De-smogged a 1984 2F engine and have most of the parts. Let me know if you need anything and I'll dig through. Very fair pricing. I'm not a vendor, just a dude with too much crap in too tiny a garage. -Calvin
  6. psulick3

    Can a de-smoged FJ60 2F run a catalytic converter?

    I need an assist here. I have a de-smoged (PO did a great job and the 2F runs like a top) '84 FJ60 which I have titled in Virginia. As the vehicle is over 25 years old, no emissions check required however, the safety inspection was recently amended to include a visual check to see if the...
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