1. Kir1980

    Orange corner lights for quad headlights?

    Hi guys! While it is snowing AF outside and all the streets and roads non useable I decided to order set of quad headlights on my '95 JDM 4.2 Diesel FDJ81 series Land Cruiser. Always liked orange corner lights VS clear ones (like some of You have on USDM cars). But found only one mentioning...
  2. 3

    corner glass question

    anybody try cutting down a 40 series corner glass to fit in a 45 cab? when I lay the 45 glass on a 40 glass the radius seems the same as it lays flat on each other the old time guy that does all the windshields at my work is willing to try it. I have 1 spare left in my stock and need it to...
  3. brockdeck

    Wanted  FZJ80 JDM clear front corner lamps

    Looking for JDM/non-us spec clear front corner lamps for the 80 series new or used. Located in California but will pay to ship.
  4. Boston

    Wanted  FOUND...Driver side rear corner glass 65 fj45 lpb

    Finally getting around to the top on my 65 fj45 lpb. Of course, I'm missing one important part. The D/S rear corner glass. Hoping someone has the glass or a lead on one. Thanks in advance, UPDATE: FOUND on Mud! Thank you....! Sam
  5. D

    Wanted  100 Series Corner Marker Light

    Wondering if anyone in the Bay Area has a Driver Side Corner light available. Thank you in Advance.
  6. D

    Wanted  FJ40 rear fender corner guards

    Anybody have a set of aluminum corner guards to sell? Thanks Todd
  7. HarryHarrison

    SOLD  Langley BC FZJ80 2 pairs of orange Corner Lenses

    Looking for $80 a pair plus shipping or p/u
  8. swamp-thing

    Wanted  FJ40 Later model rear Corner Reflectors

    I need a clean set of rear corner reflectors in good shape with no broken lenses or broken mounting studs. I believe I need the style without the chrome ring. I really don’t want brand new ones from Mr T unless you’re selling them at used prices. Please message me if you have something to sell...
  9. whammo

    Experience with aftermarket front corner lights?

    The PO of my “new to me” ‘06 decided to go all-in on a clear LED conversion, and the hack job of a corner light is downright awful. Has anyone used these eBay replacements, or have another source of decent quality lights? TIA
  10. Kabanstva

    Wanted  Chicago, IL - WANTED 80-Series OEM Amber Front Corner Lights

    Looking for a set of OEM Amber front corner lights for 1994 80 series. Must be low mile and mint (no cracks, deep scratches or big chips and little to no paint fade on the outer trim. Let me know shipped price to chicago. Thanks
  11. B

    OEM for corner lights? Or aftermarket ok?

    My front drivers side corner light (turn signal) housing fell apart on me today. It’s been coming as they’re old and not well taken care of. I can get a new oem set from McGeorge Toyota for $165 (both sides) shipped to the house, or I can get some eBay units (unbranded) for $46 to the house. Is...
  12. Bukker


    New truck, same forum. Excited to explore a new corner of MUD!
  13. Bombatron

    Wanted  Washington: FZJ80 front right corner light

    Looking for a front right corner light for a 96 LC. One with tabs in tact, nothing broken please. Shipped to 98108. Thanks!
  14. G

    Back left corner bumper and hardware LX 450

    I’m new to the group. I purchased a 97 and it’s in amazing shape except that the back left corner was damaged . Does anyone have 1 for sale or know what direction I could go? I plan on painting the entire bumper when it’s completed TIA
  15. J

    Rear corner curved glass - 1975 FJ40: How do you tell the difference?

    Hey, everyone. I have a single curved glass corner for an FJ40. I know that it is from 1972 onwards, because it has the larger dimensions (about 15" high, for example). I'll be putting it on a mid-1970's era FJ40 top when I source it. My question is: How do you tell the difference between a...
  16. S

    Wanted  NYC: '91 80 series Drivers Side Front Corner Bumper

    Howdy, I'm missing the stock front corner bumper on my 1991 80 series and it's a blemish I'd love to deal with. Happy to pick up in the tri-state or pay for shipping from elsewhere. Thanks in advance
  17. D

    For Sale  Indiana: Passenger Corner Turn signal light Land Cruiser 100 Series LC100

    Passenger Corner Turn signal light for Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series LC100. OEM used, light scratches. Price $80 including Shipping
  18. mudbutt

    How to install DEPO clear corner lights onto LX470

    I know the title sounds stupid. How hard is it to install clear corner lights after all? And why am I making a dedicated thread about something so meaningless? A little background: I bought my 98 LX back in February of this year, and since then, i've been slowly working on small issues, lots of...
  19. B

    Wanted  100 Series Front Corner Lights

    WTB front corner lights for 99 100 Series in good or better condition. Mine got smashed by hail. Will take sympathy discount pricing ;).
  20. mocha0923

    Wanted  FJ45 LWB Rear Corner Glass

    Looking for a rear corner glass for 1978 FJ45. Ship to 77521.
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