1. J

    Rear corner curved glass - 1975 FJ40: How do you tell the difference?

    Hey, everyone. I have a single curved glass corner for an FJ40. I know that it is from 1972 onwards, because it has the larger dimensions (about 15" high, for example). I'll be putting it on a mid-1970's era FJ40 top when I source it. My question is: How do you tell the difference between a...
  2. S

    Wanted NYC: '91 80 series Drivers Side Front Corner Bumper

    Howdy, I'm missing the stock front corner bumper on my 1991 80 series and it's a blemish I'd love to deal with. Happy to pick up in the tri-state or pay for shipping from elsewhere. Thanks in advance
  3. D

    For Sale Indiana: Passenger Corner Turn signal light Land Cruiser 100 Series LC100

    Passenger Corner Turn signal light for Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series LC100. OEM used, light scratches. Price $80 including Shipping
  4. mudbutt

    How to install DEPO clear corner lights onto LX470

    I know the title sounds stupid. How hard is it to install clear corner lights after all? And why am I making a dedicated thread about something so meaningless? A little background: I bought my 98 LX back in February of this year, and since then, i've been slowly working on small issues, lots of...
  5. B

    Wanted 100 Series Front Corner Lights

    WTB front corner lights for 99 100 Series in good or better condition. Mine got smashed by hail. Will take sympathy discount pricing ;).
  6. mocha0923

    Wanted FJ45 LWB Rear Corner Glass

    Looking for a rear corner glass for 1978 FJ45. Ship to 77521.
  7. bringemback

    1967 FJ40 Rear Corner Window Rubber

    This is my first post. Actually my second. I posted this is the regular forum section and decided it may belong in this section. I am in the process of purchasing a 67 fj40 that needs some help. I've been doing some preliminary searches for parts, etc. One of the things that I will want to do...
  8. Redgrrr

    For Sale FJ 80 front corner light s

    Selling a pair of these for $40 or $25 individually. I swapped these out for clear depots. Send me a pm if interested
  9. stlbill

    Wanted 1994 FJ80 Passenger side front bumper corner piece

    I just need the corner piece for the front bumper of a 94. I bough some 95s and they do not fit te 94. Just need the passenger side. Thanks.
  10. aljollano

    For Sale 98 DS corner light

    I have a driver's side corner light for a 100 Series that I was going to put on my 98 before the accident. It has a small crack on the top corner. $20 plus shipping.
  11. JVZii

    Wanted 79+ FJ40 Quarter Panel Corner Patch

    I am looking for a pair of the corner patches for a 79 fj40. I just need the rear patch not the whole panel. If you have one or both drop me a line.
  12. ranma21

    For Sale DEPO FJ40 FJ45 BJ40 40 Series Front Corner Signal Lamp

    Up for sale is a set of aftermarket front corner signal lamp set for 40 series Landcruiser. This set includes both left and right lamps. These are DEPO brand aftermarket lamp made in Taiwan. This is the 3 wires version, please refer to the picture to make sure this is what you need. Items are...
  13. Whitfimb

    Rear bumper corner interchange

    Will a later (1993-97) model FJ80 bumper corner fit a 1992 model? What are the differences? I hate to give $100+ for a part that I can not use. Searching for a Drivers rear bumper corner for my 1992 Land cruiser FJ80. Seems like the 93-97 Corners are easier to find.
  14. gator25

    Width between corner channels 1975 40

    I'll be replacing rear sill and corner channels, and need a few measurements please. I found where some one had said 41 1/16" another 41 3/8", I'd like to have the distance of both inside edges. As in pics. 1) where the quarter wraps around 2) the major opening The corners are in pretty bad...
  15. WarWagon

    Wanted DS 100 series corner light...

    Need a DS front corner light. 770-654-6863
  16. bryson

    Wanted LX450 front corner marker lenses

    Looking to pick up a pair of clean OEM LX450 corner marker lights - the ones next to the headlights. They are clear with a small amber reflector, NOT all amber like the 'Cruiser versions. Shipped to West Jordan, UT 84081 Thanks! Bryson 801-949-5326
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