1. Biscuit

    SOLD Boulder, CO: Con-Ferr FJ40 front tool box

    Lockable Con-Ferr FJ40 front bumper tool box. Pulled it off my 40 when installing the new ARB catcher mask bumper. Mounts to the front frame rails and bumper. Price: $150 + the ride Location: Boulder, CO Shipping: Prefer pickup, but can look into shipping. It's an awkward size.
  2. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD North County San Diego Con-Ferr 54x72 roof rack and 6 gutter mounts - local pickup only

    Have cleaned it up and rattle canned it. Mounts are solid with new stainless hardware. Two front tabs and one rear tab for lights but rear needs to be rewelded. Cross bars need some TLC - a few of the mount holes have expanded. I installed eyes in the center of the cross bars for tie downs...
  3. R

    Wanted Blitz Can Holder for Con-Ferr Wheel Mount

    Looking for a Blitz Can Holder that fits onto a Con-Ferr wheel mounted can bracket holder (red arrow points to the part I am loo looking for
  4. Ugly Dwarf

    For Sale Con Ferr Roof Rack (Medium Length) - CA - Bay Area - $275

    Medium length (66" x 60") Conn Fer roof rack. It has no floor (other than the three cross bars) and is dirty with surface rust, but looks to be straight and undamaged. It comes with six (6) mounts / feet. I can include some reproduction Conn Fer stickers I got from SMG (here on Mud) a while...
  5. TapRackNGo

    For Sale Con-ferr roof rack 5x5.5 with gutter clamps, off road lights, shovel, axe

    SOLD....Con-Ferr roof rack with 8 Navigator off road lights, 6 gutter clamps in excellent condition. Size is 5' wide x length 5' 1/2. In excellent shape, Comes with new shovel and axe. I just can't fit my FJ40 in garage with it on. Comes with 8 Halogen Navigator off road lights, with rock...
  6. samtoddlee

    Con-Ferr Rack Rebuild for FJ62

    I'm still a fan of the original Con-ferr. Even though they went out of business 20 years ago. If you're patient you will find them, and if you know a good welder you can do anything with them, shorten or lengthen them, beef them up etc... and they are bombproof. My existing rack on my 1989...
  7. FirstFJ60

    Wanted Found one-Looking for a Roof Rack-preferrably Con-Ferr in VA

    I'm looking for a Con-Ferr or a ARB roof rack that someone wants to sell in Va, MD or NC...not willing to pay retail price. To include accessories to attach to my 84 FJ60. I would travel, 6 hours to pick up from Va Beach. Thanks
  8. Jason Reed

    Wanted Looking for a Con-Ferr Rear seat for the FJ40

    Hello all, I am looking for one of the old Con-Ferr Rear Seats for the FJ40's. Forward facing. Please PM if you have one available. -Jason
  9. FWaltersnewbie

    For Sale Con-Ferr Aux Gas Tank in Odenton, MD

    Original 22 gallon Con-Ferr Auxiliary Gas Tank for FJ40; in good shape, no other parts Asking $350 for pick-up; will cost about $150 to ship across the country (don't know how much they're going for in 2017 since they're obviously rare; hope no one is offended by the price)
  10. swamp-thing

    Wanted Con-ferr fj40 toolbox

    i would like to buy one of the con-ferr tool boxes that fits between the front frame rails on the fj40s behind the bumper, in front of the bib. Thnx
  11. Graniteone

    For Sale Con-Ferr 60"x67" with floor and 6 mounts -Colorado

    SOLD, SOLD! I have decide to throw my RTT on my 60 vs a rack so I have decide to sell my Garvin Wilderness (Con-Ferr style) 60"x67" rack and it comes with 6 brackets. It is super solid rack but could use some paint or stripped and powder coated. I got this rack only a few months ago so I have...
  12. F

    Con-ferr roof basket question.

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking here for a bit, just picked up my first land cruiser in January. I've been tinkering with it since I got it. Right now it has a cheapo roof basket mounted to the factory load bars. But I found an original Con-Ferr rack for a great price, and plan on going that...
  13. mmw68

    FJ40 Rear Underseat storage box - prototype

    Some of Ya'll don't get out of the 40-55 Tech Thinking of doing a limited run of FJ40 storage boxes, and any one interested please take a look, and your feed back is welcome. FJ40 Rear Underseat storage console - prototype
  14. mmw68

    FJ40 Rear Underseat storage console - prototype

    I've always wanted one of those con-ferr style rear storage boxes, that go under the rear seat in my FJ40. So I made a prototype to compliment my icrap console. Would love some feedback. The final box will be a tad shorter, and have a support leg on the front, to fill that 2" drop down behind...
  15. 78fj40mg

    Wanted Con-Ferr Aluminum logo

    I'm restoring a Con-Ferr roof rack for my 40 and the rack is missing the logo plate as shown in this pic bellow, does anyone have one of these laying around? If so I'd like to buy it from you. Please PM if you have one for sale. TIA Mike
  16. 78fj40mg

    Wanted Roof Rack for FJ40

    Hey all, I'm looking for a roof rack to use on my FJ40, possibly a Con-Ferr basket type or similar in style basket, size 73"x49" or I may consider a smaller one. Thanks in advance. Mike
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