clutch kit

  1. natas801

    Need Help !!! 3L clutch kit part number

    Guys I need help finding the clutch kit in the US.It is for a 2.8 3L flywheel I put on a 2.4 LTE
  2. NYIronPig

    Wanted FJ40 4-speed Clutch Kit

    Looking for a clutch kit for the 4-speed I am dropping into my 1972 FJ40. Anyone have one they are selling?
  3. cruiseroutfit

    2B & 3B Japanese (AISIN) Clutch Kit Sale - $175.00 (Reg $227.50)

    2B/3B SALE PRICING :cool: Part# CL3BEKIT (Fits 8/80-10/84 BJ41/BJ42/BJ44 2B/3B Diesel) - $175 (was $227.50) Part# CL3BMKIT (Fits 8/80-09/89 BJ6x/7x 3B Diesel) - $175 (was $227.50) We stock clutch kits for most gasoline and diesel application Cruisers, learn more here: Clutch Kits - F...
  4. Hailey Walker

    For Sale Toyota Pickup V6 R150 Transmission

    Tupelo, MS and Laurel, MS area. I bought this transmission to swap my 89' Pickup automatic out with. Never got around to it and now the new owner wants to keep the automatic. I'm selling the transmission (with transfer case still attached), brand new clutch kit (Aisin), and brand new master and...
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