1. F80FJ

    Engine steam cleaning

    Hi, need to figure out where all my engine oils leaks are coming from. Does any know any shops near Boston, MA that will steam clean my engine? Thanks
  2. 1

    Help - Questions on Cleaning Headliner on a 1992 LC

    I am new to the forum and am having trouble finding the answer to my question. Got a 92 LC last weekend and have been working on cleaning it up. Finally got to the headliner and realized it is totally disgusting. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean it? I was using a basic carpet/upholstery...
  3. A

    Taking apart rear heater minus hoses for cleaning ?

    My Cruiser has years of French fries, coins, etc built up under the rear heater from the PO. I want to take apart the rear heater as much as possible save for the heater pipes. Sometimes I use it to dissipate heat. Has anyone done this, can I just start pulling things off until I get to the...
  4. Solidrock171

    For Sale  Cleaning out garage. intake, gasket, ac unit, etc

    I'm cleaning out the garage for a new project and everything's gotta go! For sale: AC Unit - Not sure the brand, and I immediately removed once i purchased my 40. You'll still need a compressor, but it could get you started on a cheap ac unit. $80 Oil pan - in perfect working condition...
  5. D

    12H-T Injection Pump cleaning

    Guys, I got this spare 12HT injection pump from a local yard which parted out a whole engine. Though they stored the parts inside some dirt and gunk made its way to injection ports and the fuel feed pump opening which was removed already. Do you guys know how I can clean these areas easily...
  6. btbowie

    Pulled entire carpet, any cleaning tips before install?

    Hey Everyone, I have front and rear carpeting out of my 100 I'd like to clean up. (Actually pieced together a "new" kit from a few members.) Anyway, it's nicer than what's in mine now but still needs a cleaning. I thought about taking it to a rug cleaner I've used before for house area rugs but...
  7. fj40z

    Fuel injector cleaning and service in NC

    Trying to locate a place somewhat local to clean and flow test my fuel injectors when I pull them off to do my head gasket. Will probably end up going with witchhunter if none closer, ideally I was hoping to find a place that would send some that would already be serviced and I could send mine...
  8. nmcbride89

    Fuel Injector Opinions Rebuilt OEM vs Having Mine Cleaned/Rebuilt

    So RockAuto has some injectors for sale that the company (GB Manufacturing - anyone heard of them?) claims to be rebuilt OEM injectors. My question is whether or not I should go ahead and get these or send mine off to be cleaned/rebuilt. This is my daily driver, so I don't particularly like...
  9. red66toy

    Cleaning original seat fabric

    Hi everyone, I am refurbishing the rear bench seat in my FJ62 and the seat fabric needs a good good cleaning. It smells musty from the cruiser sitting for a long time at one point in its life. I disassembled the seat to paint the frame and springs, and while the fabric is off I would like to...
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