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  1. phillyd162

    For Sale  Philadelphia, PA: Each or Set - 98 99 00 01 02 Lexus LX470 16" Chrome and Silver Wheels and Caps

    $265 OBO - Full set of (4) Wheels & Center Caps OR: $50 - Single Wheel $20 - Single Center Cap Mix & match, open to offers! Set of (4) OEM 16" Lexus LX470 Wheels, taken off my just purchased 2000 Lexus LX470. Great for spares, to refinish, etc. 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 style. Lexus...
  2. Moki

    SOLD  VA Beach - 5x Method Wheel Center Caps

    All brand new. Not using them. Came off of 16x8 Method Race Wheels 701. Works for size 5x150, 5x5.5, and 6x5.5 (see last photo). $18-22 new. Asking $50 OBO for all 5 + the ride.
  3. eddieforsale

    2006 LX470 center hubcaps

    I recently purchased my 2006 LX and realized I bought it missing it’s center caps. I began looking into getting replacements and realized some were priced way too high for plastic covers. Until I found these... I hope this helps. L600 NEW LX470 WHEEL CENTER CAP 2003-2005 EMBLEM HUBCAP...
  4. 0

    Center caps for LX470 (2002)

    Just installed TRD rims (18's) (no spacer) and the old Lexus caps don't fit. Anything out there that will fit? or can i modify the OG Lexus ones to fit? would like front and rear. Thanks!
  5. W

    FREE  NorCal: LX 470 center caps, emblems, mats

    3 center caps that are chrome with gold "L" taken from my 2000 LX 470. The 4th one is missing. All tabs intact. I'm not willing to ship, but free for a local MUD member. note - The gold emblems and used factory floor mats are also free for a local MUD member.
  6. jtcolumbia

    Wanted  2 factory center caps for FZJ-80

    Hi. I am in need of 2 factory center caps for 1997 FZJ-80 16” aluminum wheels. Will be painted so do not care about fade etc. Shipped to 17517. Or pick up in eastern Pa, Md, Del.etc. Thank you for the help!
  7. Manuelsv

    Center Caps Tundra wheels?

    I have had the Tundra wheels on my truck with 1.5" Spacers for a few years.. I thought it was impossible to fit the caps on them on our 80 series hubs? I even tried to modify mine but then they just fall off since you have to cut the clips that hold them in place to fit them. Anyhow thought it...
  8. Joshman

    Center Caps for Tundra Wheels

    I have a 2000 Hundy. I have these tundra wheels and can't find the 18" Land Cruiser Center Caps that are supposed to fit over front hubs? If you have successfully found one please post pic and part number - greatly appreciate any help. (I currently smashed the dust caps in and reformed the...
  9. DMX84

    Tundra Rims (complete how-to)

    A few months ago I was searching for rims as I needed to replace my failing aftermarket rims before purchasing new tires. That's when I discovered Tundra rims as a viable option. A quick search here showed several posts on this topic, however it was lacking details. I hope this will help...
  10. RiFF RaFF

    Wanted  1996 Land Cruiser 6 lug center cap

    Like the title says. I only need one center cap with the Toyota logo, but five in good to excellent condition would be better. Thanks in advance, Doug
  11. BoiseFJ

    For Sale  2008 Lexus Tires and Wheels, Set of 4 - 265/75R/17 - $490

    For Sale, Matching Set of 4 Tires Dunlop GrandTrek AT20's (265/65R/17's) with good tread. 
 and Qty 4 - 2008 Lexus GX470 17" 6 Lug Wheels w/ Original Lexus Center Caps. These fit other Toyota and Lexus vehicles, like Tacoma's and FJ's and 80 Series. Will sell wheels and Tires without Center...
  12. jtcolumbia

    Wanted  Center caps for 1997 FZJ80

    Hi looking for OEM center caps for 16" factory wheels. Someone wanted mine more than me last night. ☹️ The ones or type like in the picture. Any color is ok just want factory. Thanks!
  13. torpedo51

    FJ62: want to replace these center caps on my wheels

    Forgive my ignorance, I don't know the history of these wheels... whether they are typical upgrade for these trucks, if they have special fitment on the backside, etc. I'd like to replace the center caps since they appear to be rusty (not worth rechroming). Anyone have an idea where to get these?
  14. landcruiserLV

    For Sale  80 Series misc parts (Las Vegas)

    From my 1996 LC. Pick up in Las Vegas is strongly preferred but willing to ship. Take EVERYTHING listed below for $0 FREE if you come and get all of it. Cleaning garage, Just want it all gone. If No takers after a week or so I can piece them out / individual prices are listed below. Updated...
  15. T

    For Sale  TX: 5 LX450 Wheels

    I have 5 '97 LX450 wheels available for sale in the Houston, TX area. Asking $250 for the set. The previous owner had 1 LandCruiser/3 LX center caps on the wheels which I can include as well.
  16. W

    Will 4Runner center caps fit on a FJ62?

    Hi guys, I've got a 1988 FJ62 that could use some rear center caps. I see some on ebay that are advertised for both 4runner and Land Cruiser. Any idea if 4runner rear center caps would actually fit on an '88 land cruiser? thanks! here's an example of the type of ones I was considering: NOS...
  17. tampacruiser95

    For Sale  80 series center caps - Tampa

    3 OEM center caps, no cracks, but need painted. $25 shipped anywhere in U.S. $10 if local pickup.
  18. TNOverlander

    For Sale  5 LX450 OEM Wheels East TN

    Five LX450 wheels in great shape. These wheels were never off-road and look really good. Also comes with 5 center caps that have been recently reconditioned as well. Tires hold air, but are old and cracking badly. I prefer local pickup, but I can have the tires removed and ship if there's...
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