1. I

    For Sale  2005 HZJ75 Pickup Toyota Land Cruiser LHD for export to Canada, Europe, elsewhere applicable

    Landcruisermart brings you HZJ75. 4.2 naturally aspirated diesel engine. Vehicle is located in Central America. includes shipping with US custom clearance at port of miami. Transportation from port of miami onwards is buyers obligation. price 19,000. We accept payments to state of florida...
  2. I

    For Sale  1999 HZJ75 LHD Troopy For Canadian Import

    Landcruisermart brings you HZJ75. 4.2 naturally aspirated diesel engine. 214, 737 km / 134,210 miles. factory air conditioning cooling well. includes shipping to port of miami. Transportation from miami to canada would be the buyers obligation. Elegible for import to canada only, not usa...
  3. Jarfly

    SOLD  Vancouver BC: 2003 LX 470

    For sale is our 2003 Lexus LX 470. I am the 3rd owner, and have all service records. Truck has 298,000 KMs (185,000 Miles) on it. Truck is totally solid, and all major mechanical systems are in perfect running shape. Regularly cared for by me and my local mechanic. Not taken off road other...
  4. C

    Gas Mileage USA vs Canada

    I just got back from a trip to Banff with my adventure setup and was surprised by a gas mileage difference between fuel in Canada and the US. I get a max of about 12.7 mpg with the setup pictured in the US, but from the very first fill up that mileage went up to 14-15 mpg in Canada. Upon...
  5. S

    For Sale  Canada - 2006 Land Cruiser - Pristine Condition

    Hi MUD community, I am selling my 2006 100 series. I am located in New Brunswick, Canada. Vehicle has 154,000 Miles on the odometer. The vehicle is in great condition, I bough it in Laguna Beach California in 2011 and drove it around as a DD in Seattle for two years (I was working in WA state...
  6. cannedcruiser

    Importing hzj78 into Canada

    Hi all, Can anyone talk to importing an HZJ78 into Canada from Europe? I can't find a single one in Canada online (for sale or otherwise). I'm currently on the hunt for the right one. I'm targeting Europe because I would rather have a LHD. I know it has to be 15 years old. Anyone have...
  7. backinmyday

    Wanted  Wanted: 200 in Canada

    Hello, Looking for a clean 200 anywhere in Canada. PM me to start a conversation. Thanks
  8. backinmyday

    Wanted  Wanted: 100 in Canada

    Hello, Looking for a clean 100 anywhere in Canada. PM me to start a conversation. Thanks
  9. tylerp

    Wanted  100 in Canada

    Hi guys, I am located in Toronto and have been looking for a 100 series for awhile. A few have come up, but have been too rusty. I am willing to travel just about anywhere in Canada (given enough time). Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  10. Antarctican

    Cascadia Expodition 2018

    Registration is open for Cascadia Expodition, a combined trail run + indoor expo event this July 18 - 22, 2018 in Chilliwack, British Columbia (under an hour from Vancouver BC). It's open to all makes and models of 4WD vehicles, and the trail runs are family and dog friendly! Take advantage of...
  11. U

    Canadian BJ70: Looking For Opinions

    Hi Everyone, 1987 Toyota LandCruiser BJ70 - Diesel LHD | Cars & Trucks | Calgary | Kijiji I am hoping to get some opinions on this BJ70 that i am looking at. It seems to be mechanically sound, when i checked it out it started right up with no smoke. It shifted smoothly and accelerated good...
  12. adrenalinejunk8

    What are your thoughts about driving your own LC on the Dalton Highway in Alaska?

    Hello adventurers, I am new to here. I am planing to take a road trip to Dalton Highway from Texas. My route is from Central Texas to New Mexico, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage, Fairbanks, then Prudhoe Bay. What are your thoughts and recommendations...
  13. Lomoski

    LSPV question KZJ78

    Hello everyone, I have finished my install of my Dobinson 65 mm rear suspension lift. I know I need to move my LSPV. I test drove it and as it's quite slick around town at the moment with ice I am able to lock up the fronts but not the rears at all unless I really stomp on the pedal. My...
  14. E

    For Sale  1983 BJ60 5spd In Canada ...selling the project!

    Hi The usual story that everyone has heard before...but its true! I picked this up from family 12 years ago, and they had it for about just as long. So its been in the family for about a quarter century give or take. A friend has done plenty of work such as rebuilding both hubs repairing rust...
  15. TurboDennis

    SOLD  please delete

    Decided to create a new thread, due to a lot of new details on the truck
  16. sevewone

    For Sale  HJ in Alberta Canada 17,500$ NOT mine

    1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon Turbo Diesel | used cars & trucks | Lethbridge | Kijiji Shouldn't last long ..Pretty neat Cruiser. Called the guy and he told me EVERYTHING is always done at Toyota. Turbo has been on there for over 25 years :) ! Oh and hes firm on price... Now if only it M/T
  17. danakittilsen

    For Sale  four 16" OEM hdj81 wheels. AB, Canada

    I have 4 original wheels from my hdj81. Located in Grande Prairie, AB but could deliver all the way to Calgary, or in a couple of weeks almost anywhere along the way to Halifax, NS. $400
  18. F

    Parting Out  1988 fj62 part vehicle ottawa canada

    Hi, new to forum , only my second post hope this is the right spot for this.... i found a 1988 fj62 in a upull yard in ottawa. kenny uhaul beside cohen and cohen. i have no affiliation. though someone might be interested. rims and tires are now gone. it is pretty rough but tones of good...
  19. BiffS

    Parting Out  HZ 73 in Vancouver Canada

    Parting out complete HZ 73 with automatic transmission. Was parked for a while, but was started regularly. Truck still runs and drives. Currently completely assembled. Once I get enough requests for larger parts then I'll disable it and pull it down completely. Rear axle spoken for, but the...
  20. Economist LC76

    FJ / BJ tank 01/1979 + replica from Canada

    I was searching for a tank for my restoration (the tank is for 01/1979+). There is one new replica available. The documents says it is made in Canada. This replica doesn't have a drain plug. But it is not a problem. The big problem for me was the pipes. They are not properly welded. When...
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