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  1. Gnarwgn

    Smoking Rear Wheel Hub...?

    Team - Drove 400 miles today and parked, jumped out to find white smoke coming out of my rear passenger wheel well. Couldn't tell if it was the caliper, pads, rotor, something else? I recently replaced the rear pads, and am wondering if there would be some type of correlation there... I have no...
  2. G

    RTH: Terrible brake noises when driving [SOLVED]

    Hello! First time posting here, hoping I can get some help. My front right brake has been making some awful noises while driving, and breaking for that matter, after a fellow landcruiser-enthusiast friend and I replaced both front rotors, brakes, and wheel bearings. He’s replaced his 80s front...
  3. GTSSportCoupe

    FAQ  LJ78 Brake Parts Cross Thread

    I get a lot of questions about LJ78 brakes. So I'm going to post the Toyota part numbers here and what North American vehicles they cross to. This will make it easier and more economical for those of you trying to rebuild your LJ78 brakes. Now you can walk into your local jobber auto parts...
  4. T

    Rear Brake Wear

    I had my brakes redone (rotors, pads, and calipers) by Les Schwab about a year ago. It's a long story as to why they did them (wasn't my first choice), but it has been one problem after another, starting with the calipers falling off 50 miles from the nearest town. I thought most of the issues...
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