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  1. S

    Questions for those towing travel trailers with 2016+ LX570

    Hi folks, a few weeks ago got the 2021 LX570 and sold my 2000 LC. A few newbie (to towing) questions for those that tow travel trailers (TTs) with the 2016+ LX570: When renting a trailer is it better to have your WD hitch? We'd like to rent a few times before we consider a trailer purchase...
  2. flyingscot

    Trailer Brake Controller

    Hi All - Am currently putting an electronic brake controller onto my vehicle (2000 LC 100) have got it all taken care of apart from the last wire - it is the wire that runs from the ECB to the 'cold' side of the brake light switch. I cannot find the wire that is at the 'cold' side of the brake...
  3. flyingscot

    tow brake controller socket???

    Hi everybody - can you tell me what this socket is (ref photo) - Its located beside the drivers pedals - I really want it to be a socket for a brake controller....? I went into this space (at the drivers pedals) looking for an ODB socket to plug in my 'reader' but could not locate it - can you...
  4. B

    Trailer Brake controller

    Has anyone tried this brake controller on a FZJ80? Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control Link
  5. cru1s3r

    SOLD  Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller + Harness

    I purchased this Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller and the custom wiring harness from eTrailer last September with the goal of using it in my 200 series Land Cruiser. However, I could not find a satisfactory place to mount it, so wound up purchasing and installing the Redarc unit...
  6. arcteryx

    Installing a Tekonsha 3040-P wiring harness in a 100

    Now that the 2004 UZJ is on the road, it will serve as a DD and tow vehicle. Installing a brake controller was a must for me. I have a hardly used Prodigy Brake Controller that was installed on my 80 years ago that was sitting, so I used that. I bought the 3040-P Tekonsha harness from Amazon-...
  7. H

    Trailer Brakes Locking Up

    I have a 1986 trailer with 2 5000 lbs axels with brakes on the rear axel and a 6 way round connector. Since 2003 I've owned pick ups with the newer 7 way round connector and I use a 6 way to 7 wat adapter. When I hook the trailer up to the truck, the brakes instantly lock up without the brake...
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