1. Beehanger

    Boise Idaho: Looking for reliable shop to rebuild engine

    Hi all, Picked up a rust free 60 a few months and she needs a rebuild. I have a small 2 month window where I’m living on jobsite to have the rig worked on, searching for a shop. SNLC and foreign auto are heavily booked but reached out to import engine supply who said they could do it for 6 G...
  2. GoPats

    Local FJ40 Mechanic in Treasure Valley?

    Any recommended FJ40 mechanics around Treasure Valley? After a 4th of July loop thru Garden Valley/Placerville/ID City/Horsheshoe Bend, my 78 FJ40 decided brakes weren't needed anymore. Was used to having to pump a little sometimes to get decent braking pressure, but suddenly went straight to...
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