1. vinny tetravino

    Wanted  Vancouver Island 3b wanted

    Anyone out there have a old 3b core they wanna part with I need a 85 to 87 with the 5 bearing cam. Threw a rod and cracked the block, got a core for rebuilding and the machine shop took 3 Months to.tell me the block was NFG. So i have a full kit for the engine sleeves and all. Just need the engin
  2. Hitoy4x4

    SOLD  Ontario, Canada - Price drop for 1981 BJ42 more pictures added

    1981 BJ42 frame was sandblasted then hot dipped galvanized then painted and is in great condition. Gozzard fiberglass tub and windshield frame, fiberglass front fenders. Doors have some rust on them. New OME springs, new shackles and bushings. New brakes - drums, rotors, backing plates.. too...
  3. B

    SOLD  Package of parts/trucks 71, 78, 79 FJs and 1984 BJ60 Seattle Area

    I am at a cross roads as many people before me. Over the past few years I have accumulated parts and cruisers to build one from the ground up the way/condition I wanted one. But I severely underestimated the time needed to raise a newborn and maintain a house. I managed with kid one but now with...
  4. theglobb

    The "Red Rocket" Troopy Build

    Hello all! Around a month ago my father and I bought a LHD 1987 BJ75 Troopy, previously owned by 4btfjz80CO93 and imported by gilmorneau from France, to be my daily driver. Reading through Gilmorneau's for sale thread it seemed that people were interested in what would happen with this Troopy...
  5. O

    Wanted  WANTED: BJ-42 Project (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, but a project truck! Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but willing...
  6. O

    Wanted  WANTED: BJ-42 Project (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, I dont mind doing work on it. Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but...
  7. O

    Imported BJ-42, Worth the price tag????

    Good morning everyone, I wasn’t sure which section to post this in so I went for the one that gave me the warmest feeling, the Diesel section. 🤤 So basically i’m writing this post because I just recently met an individual who’s selling two (2) 1981 & 1982 BJ-42’s imported from Canada back in...
  8. P

    For Sale  89' HJ61 California Registration - Truckee, CA

    1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, new exhaust system was just put in (May 2019), the 12H-T fires clean, automatic transmission turns before 2500 rpm. It burns a little rich but starts at altitude...
  9. L

    Surging at mid throttle

    New member, but have used Ih8mud forums extensively for trouble shooting/upgrades, thank you. I now have an issue I have not found a posting for. I have a 3B Diesel and recently installed one of Keith’s turbo kits (can’t recommend this enough, like a different engine altogether), idles perfecty...
  10. B

    1982 BJ40 Restoration/Modification

    Hello all, I posted once or twice on here several months ago seeking input to inform my choice of land cruiser. After looking at dozens of them, I came to the realization that rather than finding the perfect cruiser, I needed to look through the superficial parts to find the perfect bones of a...
  11. T

    For Sale  BJ60 1983

    BJ60 1983 by TIggr posted Dec 12, 2018 at 8:49 AMSelling my daily driver with 390,000 kilometers. Frame is solid but needs to be sand blasted/wire brushed and painted. Body work is sub par but solid. Needs headliner. Injectors new, Wilson switch starts engine every time in 0 degree temps. 5...
  12. J

    SOLD  BJ/FJ40/42 series OME Ultimate Suspension Kit

    Fits any Early to 1984 BJ/FJ40/41/42 Complete set of springs, shocks, bushings, greasable shackles and steering damper...all hardware included. Never installed OLD MAN EMU kit, with dakar springs sold to me by Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters. Cruiser Outfitters Below are the details...
  13. CalsCruisers

    For Sale  eBay auction original 79 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel

    very original 79 diesel Land Cruiser being auctioned on eBay with No Reserve $15000 starting bid really dig the color combo on this one Aren’t split rims illegal? 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 | eBay
  14. CalsCruisers

    For Sale  Auction Diesel 1978 TOYOTA Land Cruiser

    1978 Land Cruiser BJ40 Diesel being auctioned on eBay no reserve 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ-40 | eBay
  15. mrjordann

    What is a BJ41?

    Hi, I found this on craigslist. FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel BJ41 It says it's a BJ41. I know BJ means it's a diesel engine, but what does the 41 mean? I think it's very rare.
  16. V

    SOLD  BJ-73 Wheels 6J x 16

    I have a set of 5 BJ-73 wheels. $400 Milwaukee 6J x16 by VanSyncro posted Aug 19, 2017 at 9:23 AM16x6 wheel by VanSyncro posted Aug 19, 2017 at 9:23 AM
  17. vegas

    things to check when buying a '81 BJ40

    Hi all, For those of you playing along at home, I found an '81 BJ40 in great shape and everything I'm looking for. I'm new to these trucks and I'd like to ask for advice on what I should look for when inspecting it. I plan to take it to a Toyota Dealer/Mechanic and have it inspected...
  18. D

    For Sale  NFS (yet) Value in US Market

    Looking to hear opinions, evidence, and get better info on the value of one of these BJ pickups if sold in the US market? Interest, places to sell one, etc...? 1992. 5 speed. 702 diesel, 61,000 original miles. Should have AC as well Location: Brazil A little background on me. I started...
  19. Economist LC76

    FJ / BJ tank 01/1979 + replica from Canada

    I was searching for a tank for my restoration (the tank is for 01/1979+). There is one new replica available. The documents says it is made in Canada. This replica doesn't have a drain plug. But it is not a problem. The big problem for me was the pipes. They are not properly welded. When...
  20. S

    Wanted  BJ 74 windshield frame

    Hey my BJ74 windshield frame is rusty and leaky, does anyone have one from a donor truck?
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