1. Bluegrass40

    3D Model of Toyota Emblem?

    Does anyone have a 3D model of the Toyota grill emblem (or any of the other badges)? I am going to CNC a new one for my grill. I will generate the model myself if needed, but figured someone may have already gone through the trouble. Thx!
  2. B

    Noob question, 4WD badge on wrong side?

    I'm in the market for an 80 Series and came across one that has potential, a 96. The guy is the 2nd owner, and has had it for the last 18 years. He says that the 4WD badge was on the passenger side when he bought it. I know they are suppose to be on the driver side though. Did Toyota ever botch...
  3. M

    Wanted Collectors Edition rear lid or badge needed

    I may be looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack--- but hoping the magical Mud Site can help. My 1997 Desert Dune COLLECTORS EDITION got rear ended and needs a replacement upper rear lid, or perhaps just the rare smoked Toyota LandCruiser emblem at the center and bottom of the...
  4. pheenx9

    Upstate Cruisers Badge

    I know I am new to the group, but I have an idea. I'm also a member of overland bound, and when you become a member you can purchase a badge with your Member #. It would be cool if we could get one for the UC. I pulled the image from the T shirt as a template. What do you guys think...
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