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  1. djzimms

    Redoing DS Knuckle - Ring on Axle is Really Dug In - Best Solution?

    So, I got the axle off with the PVC pipe method without too much trouble. Upon inspecting the ring, it's really dug in. So much so that the two points of the C stick out pretty far past the splines. I was told by someone the other day who redid his knuckle that his mistake was not pushing this C...
  2. N

    PZJ70 questions and tips

    Greetings, I’ve recently bought a PZJ70 from 1991. The ride home through Sweden was 1500 km and during two days I found a few issues with my purchase. During that trip me and my very supportive wife fell in love with the Land Cruiser PZJ70! We were looking at old Gelandewagens but changed our...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Tie Rod ends, Drag Link, Tie Rod, Springs, Suspension parts

    SoCal Tie Rod ends $20, Long Tie rod that steering damper connects to $50, Drag Link $60 Tie Rod $60 Panhard $40 Lower Control Arms front and rear available Front and Rear Coil Springs Available.
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal 1997 Complete Rear Axle, also front axle parts

    TWO NOW AVAILABLE 8/12/17 Nice complete rear NON LOCKER 4.10 ratio with slotted rotors. $550 firm. Front axle housing, hubs, rotors, driver side knuckle, and calipers, etc. NO diff for front NO SHIPPING ON AXLE OR FRONT AXLE HOUSING. Smaller parts can be shipped Pickup only. Paypal...
  5. 71FJnick

    For Sale  Misc FJ40 and MiniTruck Axle Parts

    I have some random axle parts from a '85 Toyota Minitruck and a '71 Toyota FJ40. I'm open to offers and parting out. $50.00 + shipping - '85 Minitruck inner axle shafts (long and short sides, no birfields) $80.00 - '85 Minitruck Front Axle Housing (includes 4.11 third member, spring perches...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Front Axle Parts for FJ80

    SoCal - NON LOCKER FRONT AXLE Housing $150 Passenger Knuckle $125 Driver Knuckle $100 Spindles $75 Hubs $50 Birfields $50 Axle Shafts $35 ABS Sensors - call Rotors $40 pair to $60 pair (slotted) Calipers $70 pair Shipping available from 91780 PLEASE DO YOUR OWN SHIPPING CALCULATIONS...
  7. HausePhoto

    Wanted  1st Gen 4Runner/2nd Gen Pickup 3rd member

    Looking for a rear 3rd member for my 89 4Runner. Seals/bearings etc. must be in good shape. Preferably within a day's drive of Jackson, MS
  8. M

    Trailer Converions - Add a Front turnable Axle

    I am in a group and we have an old 32' travel trailer frame with 2 rear axles. We have built a parade float on it and paraded with 16 people with out any issues. Our group is growing and we are going to added 3 new rear axles this year and would like to add a front axle that is steerable by...
  9. mechanist

    CV Axle and Bearing/Hub replacement.

    Both CV Axles are bad on my 2009 GX 470. I picked up two 43430-60061 assemblies and have blocked out a morning this week to do both sides. My bearings are also bad so on Sunday morning I contacted Andy at to order two of the KOYO bearing and hub assemblies. He told me they...
  10. Patty Whack

    Yukon Gear and Febest axle parts

    Anybody use either of these brands? gotta do some axle work and may have to buy some parts amazon style, as its pretty hard to get what i need here. Plus the OEM stuff is hyper expensive, if i can get it. Standard freight shipping from the mainland for parts can be more than the parts. If...
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