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  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - 93-94 Transmission Pan and Skid Plate and Neutral Safety Start and Bell Housing

    A442F Aisin Warner Automatic. Parts are not compatible with 91-92 OR 95-97 Neutral Safety Start $85, Shipping is $22, works well Trans Pan and Factory Skid Plate $75, shipping is $20 to $32 NO dents, NO leaks Bell housing $75. No cracks or warpage. Please send me a personal message.
  2. houstonfj40

    SBC Kick down cable help, th350

    Reinstalling a sbc and the kick down cable went missing. Tried two so far, anyone have a part number or idea on length needed. Going to TH350. Late 70’s sbc. Thanks in advance, Marc
  3. S

    For Sale  Bend, OR - FJ62 auto shifter, pedal bucket

    Stock auto shifter, cover plate and pedal bucket from a 1988 FJ62. $100 + shipping
  4. Q


    G'day folks, i have a bit of a dilema and i did try using the search function and google images but i cant find what im after. So i drive a 96 fzj80 a442f auto and i moved the cable for the auto throttle kick down and the cable came unhooked. Now i cant figure out for the life of me how to hook...
  5. ceylonfj40nut

    Bellhousing the same for 2H auto vs manual tranny

    About to do a 5spd manual tranny conversion on my auto Tranny HJ60. Do I need to source a manual tranny Belk housing or can i use auto tranny bell housing? I have posted this in the diesel section as well. Thought I would get faster response here.
  6. 96TrailSurfer

    Help with (what I think is) a Torque Converter Issue

    I have previously posted about the ATF temperature spiking in my A340F transmission when I let go of the gas. I think I narrowed down the issue a bit, so this is more specific post/question. In short, the issue arises when I am driving at highway speeds (over 80-85km/h) or uphill for any...
  7. geohaskett

    SOLD  FJ60/FJ62 Auto Tranny (Idaho)

    I recently purchased a lot of FJ40 Land Cruiser parts which included an automatic tranny and a 3F EFI engine. I was told that they came from an 1987 FJ60, however looking them up online and it appears that 3F EFI and the auto tranny came with the FJ62, but can be bolted into an FJ60. They were...
  8. garrett goodwin

    For Sale  3FE auto Trans

    I bought an 82 land cruiser with a blown head and it came with a new 3FE motor and auto trans. Is there anyone out there looking for an Auto Trans? I can try and get model number if there were any differences. dI believe it was out of an 86 land cruiser.
  9. firefight

    SOLD  CA- 1996 landcruiser auto trans

    Selling an automatic trans from a 1996 80 series landcruiser. My sister blew her engine in her 96. We found an engine and trans combo that we bought and dropped that engine into her car. So now we have the extra trans. Don't know much about the trans. We bought the pair as a running unit...
  10. G

    93 auto trans starts from 2nd problem?

    93 with 190,000k. It's done it occasionally before, but has gotten more frequent. When starting from a stop and put in drive, the trans basically starts from 2, so slips. If you manually shift to "L" it does fine for start, then move up to drive and all is well. It's just not shifting to Low...
  11. kenneth boggs

    4Bd1t trans 3spd auto trans controller help.

    I have a 1990 4bd1t that is going into a toyota t100 and i need to know whether. I need to use the whole dash harness that goes to the ignition and everything else inorder to use thr auto trans controller. Its an entirely mechanical engine with an electronic trans. As long as the trans is...
  12. H

    95 fzfe auto backlash loading

    I've read the posts so far but would like a bit more info please lads. When in drive (it's an auto) and not under load, she will change from first and bang. Backlash? Can then drive the same way but have it under load and no problems. What exactly is the problem? I love me 80 and want this...
  13. OnTheRiver

    For Sale  13BT for sale, BC Canada!

    I am selling a 13BT. Pulled running. Approx 250,000km on motor. More info upon request. 4000 US dollars. *Hey there, Im brand new to IH8MUD, and Im sorry for anyone who viewed this post earlier! (i failed to mention the price...)
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