arb bullbar

  1. S

    New bullbar fj73

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can give me a hand I’ve had a look through some forums but haven’t been able to find an exact answer but I was wondering if the fitment for bullbars is the same for all the early 70 series cruisers because I’m wanting to upgrade my bullbar from this to something...
  2. screenflicker

    ARB Bull Bar: Having Trouble Wiring Lights

    It seems like only a few short months ago I was having issues wiring up the ARB rear bumper and here I am having problems with the indicators on the ARB bull bar. Could be a pattern 🤣 Here's where I'm at so far: bumper is installed, fog light kit is installed, and the indicator lights are...
  3. Hoz FJ40 CO

    For Sale  12-15 Tacoma Arb Bullbar, Winch, lights setup

    Hey guys, Sold my 14 Tacoma and pulled the bumper. For sale is 12-15 ARB Bullbar w optional Fog Light kit, M8000 winch mounted into bumper with all wiring (plug and play), winch remote, winch line tether and IPF lights. I prefer you pickup. Shipping a 300 lb item isn't easy and I don't want to...
  4. yonah

    Wanted  Wanted: 08-11 ARB Sahara bullbar/bumper

    Mud, I'd like to pick up an ARB Sahara bullbar/bumper (part no. ARB3915040). My plan is to paint it Super White to match my LC, so a gently used bar with some scuffs and scratches would fit my intended use. I can provide my OEM bumper and crash bar if you have one and are planning on...
  5. jwcross611

    Wanted  WTB: 100 Series Front Bumber

    I’m interested in getting a bumper for my ‘99 LC. I like ARB’s but I also like BIO or something tubular. Let me know what you got.
  6. farinvail

    For Sale  1998 uzj100 built

    $SOLD located in Eagle CO. This has been the family camping rig for 10years. Truck has 311,000 miles. recent new windshield. ARB lift and front bumper Warn winch. ARBIS off road swing out rear bumper with 3" bob of rear frame. Slee sliders and skid plate. New OEM carpet and new seat leather at...
  7. U

    For Sale  2006 LC Slee built - Ready to Explore Reduced to $32K

    Up for sale is our 2006 Toyota Landcruiser, which has been thoughtfully configured for overland travel. Shown below are the specifications for all of the work that has been done to date. Background We have a second home in Teton Valley and decided in 2015 we wanted to explore the wilds of...
  8. Ali M

    Nice 2016 LC Builds videos from Jultimate in AU

    I came across these two on youtube. A Silver and White 2016 LCs with bullbars, drawers, rhino rack and lift. My 2016 LC is white and it is such a hard color to match with exterior parts such as ARB bumpers etc. but the black ARB bumpers on the white LC in the video is not looking bad either...
  9. MrCWineMan

    Rebirth of a 1985 FJ60 with 380K miles.

    Okay - so this is not a build thread per say, but more of a list of what I have done to our FJ60 and an open place for you - the esteemed members of ih8MUD to tell me what I missed and what else I need to do! Here is a copy paste off of my website of what I have done so far. Should you want to...
  10. Shagger1

    So I brought a FJ45..Without the misses permission..

    I have always wanted one, and everyone seems to have good stories of growing up doing some crazy missions in these old girls-so I wanted one to enjoy too! The ute will be useful, and slowly building it up will be a learning process, and my form of "therapy".
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