New bullbar fj73

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May 17, 2020
melbourne, australia
Hey guys just wondering if anyone can give me a hand I’ve had a look through some forums but haven’t been able to find an exact answer but I was wondering if the fitment for bullbars is the same for all the early 70 series cruisers because I’m wanting to upgrade my bullbar from this to something that covers the entire front just like a basic arb commercial bullbar and obviously trying to get it second hand because I’m not keep on buying a new one and spending double

1985-1989 model yr should fit as long as it doesn't come from a Bundy (LJ). 1990-1999 I am going to guess will fit too. Wide nose 70's won't fit due to difference in frame width, well you can make anything fit ;)
Awesome thanks for that, yeah I guess you can haha
Anything up until 99 will fit

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