1. overlandsam

    Mishimoto antifreeze

    I just ordered a Mishimoto radiator for my '88 FJ62. Has anyone ever used their antifreeze? Liquid Chill® Was considering it over Toyota Red. I tried to look through other forum posts but couldn't find anything regarding it.
  2. silverhorse

    Antifreeze in Transmission

    So my transmission is high miles so I took it in for a rebuild. My tech says good thing you brought it in ,its contaminated with antifreeze. So I remember all the problems in the 90's with folks mixing different color/types of antifreeze and the corrosion issues that follow... heater cores, oil...
  3. LittleRedWgon

    FJ 60 Antifreeze spewing

    My Temp gauge went HIGH a few days ago when I was 3 blocks from home. I limped home and shut her down...Antifreeze was spewing from this port...a lot. (this is the passenger front wheel well on firewall...Brake line to the left and double Heater lines to the right) Any Ideas of my possible...
  4. 2001LC

    Coolant Alert don't mix SSL (Pink) antifreeze in factory LL (red) systems.

    Title deals with mix LL red Toyota antifreeze mixed with SLL pink. Which is ok but then you should use the more restrictive flush schedule of the red if done. Below is from Toyota COM concerning SLL antifreeze. The last line states: "Compatible with Toyota red Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant"...
  5. grizzlygibbs

    Prestone Radiator Flush

    Has anyone used a radiator flush solution? I think my radiator has some sludge build up as I keep getting some very small amounts of gray residue up by my rad cap and in my reservoir. Anyway, I added this to my radiator that is partially drained since I am in the middle of my My overdue PM...
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