1. krispykritter

    Late Model Amplifier Upgrade

    Hello all! After my three-day battle with my sound upgrade, I figured some of you might appreciate some of the information I've discovered. First off, this was attempted on a 2006 LX470 with Navigation and Mark Levinson audio. I researched this extensively before I dug in, but as it turns...
  2. A

    Speakers quit working - '98 LX

    I started up my car ('98 LX, 245k) 2-3 weeks back to find that none of my speakers were working properly. The front speakers are completely out, while the rear only emit a little sound if I turn the volume knob all the way up. I thought I heard some light crackling in the front speakers...
  3. PuertoRico

    Stereo Amp Location - 2008 Land Cruiser 200 Series

    Does anyone have a diagram or first hand experience of the 2008 Land Cruiser 200 Series stereo? I've been looking for the Amplifier and can not find it. Can anyone tell me where it is? My current stereo isn't playing loud enough to hear with the windows open. I'm guessing the factory amp is...
  4. maskinut

    Troubleshooting Radio/Amp

    I picked up a 00 LC this weekend. The previous owner replaced the door speakers and tweeters with Infinity speakers (Unclear which model yet). Apparently, when he did this the two front door speakers and tweeters stopped working soon after. I can hear them very faintly I think. The rears and...

    to capacitor or not to capacitor

    For all you experienced car audio install guys like @landcrshr, should I add a capacitor to my install? Using a JL xd700/5 amp.
  6. ferrarishine999

    Replacing Mark Levinson Amp on 2001 LX470 without Navigation.

    I very recently bought a 2001 LX470 with 175k miles for 7500, knowing that the amp was not working. I want to replace the Head Unit at some point, but I should really wait if I have to drop $475 to repair my Mark Levinson amp. Some head units come with built in amps, could I use those with the...
  7. jdlobb

    Rear speakers: no bass at all - Bypassing Amp entirely [Complete]

    I've recently realized that neither of the rear speakers in my 1998 100-series have any base at all. They're putting out sound, but only high, and the sound is tinny and weak. At first I thought it was the speakers, so I replaced them with brand new 6.5" JBL component speakers, but the problem...
  8. ccslider

    SOLD  Lx450 1997 climate ac amplifier

  9. jerryb

    toyota pioneer JBL cassette pinout 86120-60601, 86120-60602, 86120-60603

    my paper hand written pages are getting trashed so I need to keep somewhere, I also hope when someone searches this is easily found. I want to do the amp and display screen outs also. I never found all this info in one place when I started looking a while ago so This should help someone that...
  10. Deathvalleypaul


    SoCal Part number Denso 88650-60060 $75 including shipping. This amplifier is from a 1997 FJ80 but cross references to 91 to 97 AC amplifier. Tested part
  11. R

    Quick and Dirty Amp Bypass?

    I got tired of the CD changer not working in my 2000 Land Cruiser and replaced it. I tried keeping the factory amp but the signal output on the new head unit is 4V and the amp is expecting 2V, which makes the new HU really loud. The new head unit has speaker outputs, so the obvious solution...
  12. RFB

    Dissconnecting an AMPLIFIER

    this is an actual 80 issue, and yet its in an 80 so Im safe, P.O. installed a monster AMP in rear right quarter with an 80 amp fuse under hood and two huge cable s to it, I dont want or need it, and that space will be better utilized without it, My question is how do I pull the amp and still...
  13. AggiePE

    Wanted  FJ60 A/C amplifier

    Looking for an FJ60 A/C amplifier. I was going to go the 62 amplifier route, but I'd rather use a 60 if I can locate one. Thanks, KK
  14. T4RBoarder

    A/C Amp or Control Unit

    Good Morning everyone, hopefully I didn't miss a thread about this in my search. I currently do not have A/C in my recently acquired 40th and would like to hopefully rectify the issue before the weather gets too warm. Symptoms are the engine idles up as I feel like it should when I push the A/C...
  15. MoabChris

    Aftermarket speakers, marine amp, aux only install...

    So today i installed some sound into the fj. Noam n4 Marine speakers attached to the roll cage, Pyle PLMRMP3B 4 Channel 800 Watt Waterproof Micro Marine Amplifier installed in the small open space to the right of the glove box, full wiring, a simple aux port and lighted on/off switch...
  16. 40thSagePearl

    OEM LX450 stereo turn on and off pop please help

    Hey guys I have a 96 LX450 with the original stereo amp etc. Two upgraded speakers in the front doors are the only mods that have been made. When I turn the stereo on I hear a low noise pop at first then it plays just fine. Turning off I hear a loud pop. What could this be ? The amp itself ? , a...
  17. R

    LX450 HVAC issues

    My 1997 LX450 would occasionally over the years have an issue where the HVAC (all of it - heat, ac, fan, etc) would not do anything until I pushed a few buttons on the controller and then it would work fine. Fast forward to now - I got the it back from being in the body shop (left rear quarter...
  18. Dzrtcrzr

    Mark levinson amplifier options

    04 lx amplifier took a dump on me I was wondering if there was an aftermarket option for me or am I stuck shelling out big $ for a ML replacement?
  19. DirtSingler

    Stereo Install Help

    After following a dozen threads on replacing the stock HU on my 1997 LC, I took the plunge this week. I dropped a Kenwood DX373 head unit and replaced the rear speakers with the infamous pioneers everyone raves about on the forum. I'm going to do the front speakers once I find my courage to rip...
  20. tampacruiser95

    For Sale  6.5 subwoofer, 4 inch rear door speakers, and factory front amp - $100+ shipping - South Tampa

    Selling an earthquake sound shallow woofer system 6.5", 4" kicker rear door speakers, and front factory amp. The speakers are new and the amp works. The speakers were leftover from my audio upgrade.
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