1. A

    2008 GX 470 Door Stuck Closed

    All, Recently purchased an 08 GX470. Both rear doors would not lock with the key fob or the master switch, so through my research I ordered two replacement actuator motors. I started with the passenger side and everything went relatively well, I had to remove the division bar for the square and...
  2. Riviera

    ELocker Rear Axle Swap-Axle ordered today!

    So I have a 1998 LX470 that I just gone done doing a TON of work on, and it seems cross fingers all is well. So, I've been going back and forth on a locker. Many will say "get a bumper and winch first", but I found an elocker from a 1999 LC for $350, another $150 for shipping to the dealership I...
  3. N

    Did I Buy The Wrong Vehicle

    Hey Everyone, I am a new member and have spent the past few weeks browsing the forum. I've always liked 4runners, but seeing everyone's builds got me really interested in the GX. I had read about all of the problems and was well aware of what to watch out for. Primarily the transfer case leak...

    For Sale  elocker motor $215

    My elocked 8" diff was sold without the motor attached so that's why I have this Arizona rust free motor getting all lonely. $215 includes the shipping to the states. The motor works just was on my 01 Taco and I have owned it since 06 and the motor never had issues...never really saw...
  5. S

    LC200 V8 Error C1268 - L4 signal from 4WD ecu not credible

    I already found that problem is 99.99999% in transfer actuator assembly. See picture. It is on back side on gearbox below the car. Though it is now in H4 mode (thanx God! car going "fast") 4WD ecu probably reports it is in L4 mode. So it says Check VSC system. Then finally somehow it finds...
  6. mydogsmonkey

    For Sale  FZJ80 FF Locked Axles/Diff Front and Rear, 4.1, Southern California

    I'm looking to sell off my set of locked front and rear diff/axle. Please read the full ad to understand what is included. I am trying to sell together but may be interested in selling off pieces of the front diff and rear complete axle separately. Full floater axles. This set is a little...
  7. AggieLC

    Wanted  100 Series Door Lock Actuator

    Hi I'm looking for a door lock actuator for the front passenger side of my 2003 100 series. Mine has a gear stripped in it and is making a horrific noise. I am located in Tyler, TX 75706 and would like to have it shipped. I can pay you through PayPal or meet you somewhere if your within a few...
  8. jkl72-40

    Idle up actuator

    Ok so when I turn on my AC my truck does not idle up. So I need a replacement part, the part is discontinued for the 82 model what years will work? anyone have PN so I can replace with like a 86ish? Kyle
  9. Stevesnj

    Air Locker Actuator Conversion from Russia!

    So searching around i found this site. They make air actuators for 80 series rigs. I built my own rear actuator from a DIY on the main forum then i came across this. I'm skeptical about the Russia thing but it is kind of out of the ordinary product to scam someone on. I'm thinking about pulling...
  10. flipout007

    Wanted  Direct drive actuator 4sp

    Trying to adapt a 4spd h42 and 2f in a 73 that originally had 1f/3spd. All is done except the front drive actuator shaft doesn't line up with the lever linkage. I read somewhere I need to swap the actuator from a 4spd setup. Any advice? SOR wants more for the parts than I paid for the tranny.
  11. J

    Replacing rear passenger window actuator and motor

    I searched and did not find one - Anyone have a good write up or video of motor and actuator replacement for a 2000 LX 470?
  12. 2fpower

    locker actuator options

    This is news to me, found that dorman makes front and rear replacement actuators. Dorman part 600-460 and 600-442 $300ish.
  13. Z

    Rear Elocker actuator help in San Diego on a 97....

    If anybody has detailed pics please send them. If anybody has intimate knowledge on re-installing them please pm me. I have scoured and i'm screaming "OMAHA". I live in San Diego so if your close and willing ill be very grateful , and buy the beer and burritos. The trouble is re...
  14. chase norton

    Locker actuator extra part?

    I'm an idiot, so I thought Id take my rear actuator apart. Good news, its really clean in there. The magnets are busted off the cover, and the constant tension springs came off as I tried my ass off to remove the pieces. So yeah, I'm totally screwed. The really cool part, is that I found an...
  15. M

    Center Differential Actuator gone

    so I just bought a 2002 Land Cruiser with about 250k miles on it. realized after a day that the Center Differential lock switch didn't seem to work - at least the indicator light for it didn't go on when I pressed the button. took the car to Toyota and was told the Center Differential Actuator...
  16. D

    Ct26 turbo wastegate actuator hose size?

    Gents, Has someone got the ID handy in relation for the factory barbs on the ct26 turbo used on 1hd-t for the wastegate hose? I want to fit a boost controller and want to buy some hose. Also any tips on accessing the factory wastegate hose as it looks very tight in there. Dave
  17. Turbo55

    Normal? Door actuators cycling clicking noise when door closed.

    I have searched high and low for 4 hours but have had no luck. One of you will likely say the answer is here, here, here, and here (and be right). :p When I close any door (key in ignition, not in ignition, even started) all the doors make a cycling "clunk-clunk" noise exactly like the door...
  18. txlonghorn

    For Sale  80 series rear E locker differential - SOLD

    SOLD! Pulled off of a locked 1993 Land Cruiser. Complete rear locking differential including 3rd member, actuator and cover, and wiring from actuator to rear cargo area (NOT COMPLETE HARNESS FROM FRONT). Gearing is presumably stock 4.10 and ring and pinion looks good. Actuator is working when...
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