1. J

    FJ40 Carb/Accelerator Linkage

    I'm not sure I have my linkage connected correctly or I have a wrong part or two. It seems like the linkage to gas pedal rod is on a pretty good angle as well as the linkage to carb rod. It seems like the ball on the gas pedal would be better aligned if it were on the other side. It's a 5/1977...
  2. Matt1260

    Wanted 1974 accelerator linkage

    Looking for these parts, and the orange pedal firewall boot as well if anyone has these:
  3. Matt1260

    1974 accelerator linkage OEM

    I'm wondering what the original accelerator bracket/linkage was suppose to look like here, and if those are still available anywhere. One of the POs hacked this up and I want to get it back to stock. Thanks in advance!
  4. koxfarm

    FJ40 accelerator rod question

    I have seen this accelerator rod on the web.. it was on ebay but not any more. I would appreciate if someone knows about this or its availability. Our in Aussie is a fix rod and I was just thinking about cutting it and make those adjustment threads when suddenly I found this photo. This is a...
  5. offkilter

    For Sale FJ40 accelerator linkage and pedal. Vancouver, B.C.

    Partial linkage and pedal from an unknown year . $75 US plus shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. 65swb45

    For Sale FJ40, FJ55 Accel cable, pedal, tensioner, SoCal

    Good used Pedal shown fits 67-72 FJ40. Can also supply FJ55 pedal of same vintage. New aftermarket Cable fits 1970-1973 FJ 40 and 55, includes tensioner nuts. Used tensioner also included. $100 plus the ride from Burbank. No PMs please. Mark
  7. mattcheston

    Help identifying correct accelerator pump spring (carb) for 87' 60 series

    Is this the correct spring? I seem to remember there being a softer silver one that I have misplaced.... but then what is this gold one for?
  8. Lou the fj60

    87 fj60 acting weird while driving

    hey guys everything has been running pretty smooth lately with me devaining my smog pump but just recently when i was driving it felt like the truck would pull back or instantly decelerate in small segments. I would be in 4th and when i would let off the gas a minute later i could feel the truck...
  9. Hawker25

    Wanted FJ62 throttle pedal assembly and cable

    Looking for a good complete throttle pedal assembly and throttle cable from a fj62 shipped to 80232. Thanks
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