87 fj60 acting weird while driving

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Jul 27, 2015
hey guys everything has been running pretty smooth lately with me devaining my smog pump but just recently when i was driving it felt like the truck would pull back or instantly decelerate in small segments. I would be in 4th and when i would let off the gas a minute later i could feel the truck rolling smoothly then pull back like there was tension or something. whats happening?
Deceleration Fuel Cut system working as it should is my first guess. The USA FJ60 has a simple system that cuts the fuel to the carb via the fuel cut solenoid which is triggered by the vacuum switch, tach & emissions computer to cut fuel during deceleration to prevent backfiring and overheating the cat. It's a good thing to have as herky jerky as it is. It improves engine braking too.

One way to rule out if that's the problem is to pull the vacuum hose from the vacuum switch (and plug it) and take the cruiser for a drive.

I was recently driving cross country and had mine cut off. I was going 70, had to slam on the brakes for an accident ahead, went to 0 and the engine shut off. I turned the key off, then on and it stated right up and kept going. Did it once more, then never again. Could this be the fuel cut working too hard? Causing the engine to momentarily starve and die?

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