1. Baikalcruiser

    Wanted  [worldwide] 60 series A440F Planetary flange gears

    I'm rebuilding my A440F on HJ61 and struggle to find a couple replacement gears. Searched everywhere, been waiting for months now, only to get my orders cancelled again and again in different online shops. Getting desperate here, you know, when your workspace is piled with car parts which you...
  2. 89FJ Newbie

    Wanted  New Mexico

    I'm like the fellar below me. looking for pointers on help or an a440f.
  3. samreilly

    1hz a440f conversion

    Hey guys I’m the process of engine swapping my fj73 to a 1hz-t and I know I have to shorten and length the shafts in the gear box but not sure the exact amount I’ve read on another page that it was 100mm both ways any help would be appreciated and any other bits and pieces of info needed would...
  4. Expedition4x

    91 FJ80 3FE A440F gearbox slips when shifting 2nd to 3rd

    Hey guys, my father has a 91 FJ80 US spec 80 series. I has the 3FE and A440F gearbox. When driving, the vehicle will revv up when shifting from. 2nd to 3rd. It seems like it “slips” for a second, and the revs come up, and then it “catches” 3rd gear and holds. Haven’t experienced any slipping any...
  5. umman manda

    Recommendations on Diesel Mechanic

    Hey newbie here, sorry if this info is available somewhere already, but looking for recommendations on Diesel mechanics for overall work on my Hj61. I’m based in LA. I’ve hit up most the Landcruiser specialty shops in the area without luck, been in contact with Valley Hybrid, but wanted to see...
  6. Rollinns

    A440F Special Service Tool - Make your Own

    If anyone needs to rebuild their A440F transmission and doesn't want to spend the money for the Special Service Tool kit/set, over in the 80 series forum I posted the DXF files you can take to a local metal shop and have them cut to have your own special tools for much cheaper. I do not know...
  7. Rollinns

    A440F Special Service Tool - Make your Own

    I rebuilt my 1992 A440F transmission, with parts I designed and had laser cut for me, the files to make those parts are attached. There are a few different Special Service Tool (SST) kits recommended for rebuilding these. One appears to be discontinued, the other might still be available but...
  8. K

    Transmission issues - what is normal?

    I've read a bunch of threads but none of them seem to mention my collection of transmission "issues" - trying to determine what is normal vs what I should take it to a shop to get worked on. I have a '91 full time 4WD which I understand is the A440F auto transmission with ~247,000 miles on it...
  9. B

    A440f Tranny + Transfer Fluid Capacity

    I'll be flushing and changing the ATF in the A440f this weekend in my hj61, but can't find how much fluid the transfer case needs. I have read the gear box itself needs 6ltrs, but I'm not sure if it is more with a complete flush. I will be using Gulf Western Dextron III ATF for both. Also, how...
  10. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale  Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 FJ80 Engine, Trans, T-Case, A440F, 3FE, & HF2A Laughlin Nevada

    $300 Each or $800 for all 3. Removed from a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80. 220k Miles on ODO. Engine had head head gasket fail. Transmission and Transfer Case are in Good working condition. 3FE 4.0L I6 Engine, A440F 4 Speed Auto Transmission and HF2A Transfer Case. Located in Laughlin Nevada...
  11. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale  Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 FJ80 3FE Engine and A440F Auto Trans-Laughlin Nevada

    Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 3FE 4.0L Engine and transmission. 220k miles on the ODO. Engine had a head gasket failure. A440F Automatic 4 Speed Transmission is good with no known issues(Untested) Located in Laughlin Nevada. I would prefer not to ship but i can if needed. Any questions feel free to...
  12. RenB

    A440F west coast cruisers upgrades

    Has anyone had any experience with West Coast cruisers. Nomad Valve body or Torque converter upgrades ? My A440F tranny is a total dog up hill, I recently solved my overheating issue with an external radiator but I was wondering if anyone fished out some money for the upgrades and had any...
  13. S

    For Sale  Bend, OR - FJ62 auto shifter, pedal bucket

    Stock auto shifter, cover plate and pedal bucket from a 1988 FJ62. $100 + shipping
  14. M

    How hot to check trans fluid?

    Hello, I'm having some problems with my fj62 transmission lately. It revs up high at shift points, and sometimes takes a while to shift into the appropriate gear. I've heard people say that the dipstick in this trans should be hot enough to almost burn you when you check it, but mine never gets...
  15. M

    For Sale  FJ62 A440F transmission + xfer

    Selling my spare A440F transmission (9K0153) with transfer case (9F1033). It's already on the pallet, ready to ship from 26505. I am also selling my stockpile of sweet parts. Getting out of the game fellas, this LC stuff is too brutal. I have a full 3FE smog assembly in close to new...
  16. J

    A440F Transmission rebuild parts or kit?

    Greetings to all, 1989 FJ62 2nd gear is out and have found someone to do the rebuild..only we need the parts. To make things easier I'm hoping some of you have had to unfortunately rebuild your A440F tranny and would like all of your guidance on finding parts. Looking for OEM as much as...
  17. D

    Wanted  FJ62 transmission output shaft

    We are rebuilding the transmission and transfer case in our 1990 FJ62. The transfer case is in need of a new output shaft for the A440F automatic transmission. Does anyone know where i can source one? I've tried, SOR, Cruiser Corps, Cruiser Parts, Toyota, Transtar and a few other and no one has...
  18. FJ Silver

    ATF leaking past the A440F Valve Body?

    My A440F was rebuild about 60K miles ago, but totally has about 270K on it. It has had a cooler since the last 40K miles or so. I've been driving the Cruiser a lot lately including a few 500 + miles day trips all loaded up and heavy. Now its not shifting into gears first thing in the morning...
  19. N

    For Sale  A440 trans

    hey all. Trying to sell my a440(trans only) out of my 91’ fj80. 200k Miles. No torque converter. $300. Located in Indiana. Willing to meet within reason. Or can deliver for extra $$$.
  20. RodrigzCrzr

    For Sale  H55 conversion parts!

    I have all the pieces to convert your FJ62 from Automatic to a H55 5speed. I have them posted individually on here and I decided to bundle it all so you can see what I have. Asking $300/plus shipping.
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