1. O

    For Sale 98 LC w/ E-Locker @ 175k near Baltimore, MD

    1998 Land Cruiser w/ 175,000 miles. Purchased spring of 2015 at ~155,000 miles. Exterior and interior both in good shape - no damage to clear coat and no tears in the leather. Some rust underneath - has spent its life in the northeast. Oil changed with Mobil 1 synthetic oil and filter every 5k...
  2. Fallon 40

    For Sale 98 - 07 100 series 1.25 spidertrax spacers

    Front and rear 1.25 spacers. Slee P/N's STF1078 front / STF1079 rear. $150.00 + UPS from 90241 box weight approximately 18 pounds. Pay Pal
  3. C

    For Sale OEM Roof Rack - 98 100 Series

    $100 shipped TYD 6 mounting points with hardware and covers. Missing one main mounting bolt. Paint is completely gone on one rail and the other is flaking.
  4. Fallon 40

    For Sale 100 series 98 parts

    I have a few parts for a 98 that I would like to get rid of. Shipping from 90241 via UPS. 1. Rear mud flaps. $25.00 2. Two cross bars from the roof rack. $25.00 SOLD 3. Roof rack corner pieces $20.00 SOLD 4. Part of the bracket for the spare tire. Free paying shipping
  5. Btron

    98 Land Cruiser 100 Doesn't want to start but eventually does, whats wrong?

    Sometimes it's after 3 turns, sometimes it's after 40 and about 10 minutes and eventually, the LC 100 will start. After it's a bit warmed up, while running errands, it will start again no problem. This problem was very sporadic since I bought the truck with about 190,000 miles, and now it...
  6. incudie

    Moving OEM rear lockers from 98 LC to 99 LX

    Hey so I thought I'd ask aloud as I'm not finding much on the topic. Would anyone have any advice about moving a 98 LCs stock rear diff locker to a 99 LX? I wrecked my LC and replaced it with an LX and unfortunately it doesn't have that nice rear locker. I suspect it will require moving quite...
  7. aljollano

    SOLD 98 100 Series TX Sold the rest of the truck. No more parts available.

    1998 100 Series. Everything was in perfect condition until the accident were the frame got damaged. I will be out camping this weekend so please be patience if I don't respond quick. I'm keeping the snorkel, roof rack, rear coils. Thanks. A.J
  8. B

    For Sale 98 Landcruiser - 252k - Boston- $3000

    link: 1998 Toyota Landcruiser great overall condition for a 98, minimal rust as it was garage kept in GA until 2013. spun-out on the ice last month and dented the rear panel, cracked taillight, cracked bumper. would love to see someone turn this into an off-road rig, it is ready! ad price...
  9. Fallon 40

    FREE 98 100 Series Front Rear Bumpers

    Free stock bumpers. No fog lights in front. Rear has been wrapped since it was taken off. Front, minor scratches. Pick up in Downey, CA 90241
  10. F

    For Sale 98 landcruiser-221k-locked in IL

    I'm selling my wife's landcruiser. It has been a midwest vehicle it's whole life. Undercarriage is decent on rust. Some rust on rear quarter panel. I'm located just north of Peoria, IL. I'm gonna snap a bunch of more pictures tomorrow AM and I'll get them up here. Thanks in advance. Feel free...
  11. aljollano

    For Sale 98 DS corner light

    I have a driver's side corner light for a 100 Series that I was going to put on my 98 before the accident. It has a small crack on the top corner. $20 plus shipping.
  12. T

    98 LX470 Buying Advice

    Hey Mudders, For the past six months i've been looking for 2001-2007 Land Cruisers/LX470. I've been ignoring 98-00 models since they don't have traction control and child seat anchors. Fast forward to last night, found a local 98 LX470, 110k miles, 1 owner, no accidents, silver, no roof rack...
  13. T

    Can I put 17" TRD wheels on my 98 100 series?

    Hey all, I am wondering if I can put 17" TRD wheels on my 98 100 series? I have stock suspension and want to move to 17" rims. If so, what is the maximum size tires with the 17" rims with stock suspension? Thanks for the help! These are the type of wheels I am looking at: Toyota 4Runner...
  14. T

    I love my 98 Cruiser!

    Hello all, I am a new member to this forum and can't wait to get started. In May of '16 I picked up my 98 100 series for $6k. It had 187k miles and I am currently at 205k. I absolutely love this vehicle! I have put around $2k in it - new brakes and tires, and I wish I had another $5k to do...
  15. B

    My 98 LX 470 Baseline Thread

    So after months of searching and finally giving up this fell in my lap. All original 2 owner 98 LX470 with 127k in great condition. My plans for this are pretty mild. We live in coastal NC and will take this on the beaches and on light camping trips. So far no real desire to knock it around...
  16. Jonathan Case

    Upgrading Lexus Premium Stereo+Amp in a '98 LX470

    I got he ERR3 code on my Lexus Premium disc changer (not Nakamichi), so it's time to go aftermarket. Through a bunch of reading on MUD and elsewhere, I gathered that replacing the amp would be wiser than trying to reuse it with a potentially incompatible head unit. I wanted to keep the budget...
  17. Jonathan Case

    What brake controller cables for '98 LX470, no tow package?

    Hi guys- I have a 1998 Lexus LX470 (no tow package) and I'm trying to determine what parts I need to set up a brake controller. I gather from the forum that there might be a universal kit for this, but haven't found a part# or name. Right now everything's stock aside from an aftermarket Curt...
  18. Jonathan Case

    Bought my first - a '98 LX470

    Hi guys - I'm new to the world of LCs/LXs. First of all, thanks for being such a resource: I've found a lot of good information here that's made me informed enough to be dangerous, if not yet competent. There's a lot to read and understand. I just purchased a '98 LX470 with 120k original miles...
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