1. P

    New to Forum, sourcing for a A/C Service Valve. 88 FJ62

    Im sourcing for a A/c Compressor service Valve for a 1988 Fj62. Ive tried all the traditional ways, and Toyota says theyre discontinued, no longer making them. I need the part that is inside the box that is the diaphragm. Hopefully i can have some of you FJers lead me to a source, or possible...
  2. ace10

    For Sale  88 4Runner - No Affiliation

    **** NO AFFILIATION **** https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=475129&d=1493254431 2.4L Auto $12,000 (as of 4/28)
  3. cruiserfj45

    Parting Out  88 FJ62 in Fresno

    I bought this truck with a bad transmission and some rust with the intention of swapping in a manual and repairing the rust. The frame is solid as far as I can tell but the doors were shot with a few other small spots. Well the more I started checking out the body the more rust I found. At...
  4. B

    STILL failing smog with my 88 FJ62

    Since I had never even changed the oil on a vehicle before, I was pretty happy when I was able to remove the throttle pressure sensor, replace it, and then get my idle down to 750. Took it in to get smogged today and I failed (by a lot). The 15 MPH test NO (PPM) came in at over twice the...
  5. shmukster

    Parting a running 88 FJ62

    Just got a decent land cruiser that I'm probably gonna be parting out. Would love to flip it for $1500 but if I can't do that i'll part it. Clear PA title. Let me know if there is anything specific you'd be interested in. It’s a running 88 FJ62, 167K on the odometer. It’s that metallic...
  6. 88Retired62

    88 FJ62 Characoal Canaster Pressure Buildup

    Infamous "wooosh" when opening gas cap filler. This is a " big wooosh" and just a "little wwooosh"!! Cannot sense an operating issue but obviously an issue none the less - 1. Can I reverse the lines going into the canaster? OR 2. Can I unhook the input and output lines. Attach a small filter (...
  7. Felnik

    88 62 sitting for 7+ years hasnt been started

    Guy stopped me in parking lot saw my truck said he had one in his driveway nearby so i went to look at it. Body of the truck is in decent shape 132k on the clock.frame has mostly surface rust. its been sitting hasn't been started in years apparently. He did old man emu rear suspension on it...
  8. Mrsmann

    Wanted  Fj62 front passenger fender

    Still looking for front passenger side fender for my 88 fj62. Don't need side marker. Doesn't matter what color. I don't have a huge budget.
  9. Mrsmann

    Wanted  88 fj62 front fender

    I'm looking for a front passenger side fender for my 88 fj62. Color doesnt matter. Don't need indicator.
  10. Mrsmann

    Wanted  WTB front fender for 88 fj62

    I'm looking for a front passenger side fender for my 88 fj62. Color doesnt matter. I'm in Va.
  11. Mrsmann

    Wanted  WTB front fender and second row passenger door

    I'm trying to find a front passenger side fender and second row passenger side door for my 88 fj62. Color doesnt matter. I'm in Va
  12. Mrsmann

    Parting Out  WTB 88 fj62 fender and passenger doors

    Im looking for front passenger side fender for my 88 fj62. Also looking for second row passenger door. Don't need interior panel or glass. Color doesnt matter.
  13. prophetone

    88 FJ62 CB Radio Install

    Hey all, first post, thought I'd share a simple, cheap 'n cheerful, non-destructive, under dash mount cb setup I just tossed in my '88 62. I've only had the beast for a few months and am slowly performing the many upgrades, fixes and add-ons as time and $ allows, and naturally installing a cb...
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