1. jamister1

    For Sale 65 fj45 medford Oregon

    I stumbled across this fj45 this weekend and thought I could help the guy sell it. His health is ailing and he's been given less than a year to live so he's getting rid of some of his assets to help out is wife. The truck is a 65 all original no rust short bed hardtop. The thing is excellent...
  2. whitey45

    For Sale Early to 65 fj25,40,45 windshield vent and 3 upper hinge trim pieces

    Hard to find, rust free vent door and trim. Vent $100 shipped, trim(3) $40 each all studs intact, one missing a center stud $30 plus shipping
  3. zonker

    For Sale YETI Tundra 65

    Virtually new Tundra 65. We used it on one short road trip. In pretty much perfect condition except for a couple very minor scuffs on the lid. After use it was drained.. cleaned and dried before putting it away. As you know.. they never go on sale from their $399 price that I am aware of...
  4. Fulmar

    KDSS with 285/ 65 R-18 KO2s

    Apologies if this topic has already been covered. I searched and couldn't find any relative info. Anyone know if jumping up to 285/ 65s from 285/ 60s on stock wheels could negatively affect the KDSS? I'd like to go with 285/ 65 R-18 KO2s, but I don't want the additional ~2" of wheel diameter to...
  5. Ryno5150

    1965 FJ40 project

    It finally started on August 14, 2016. After years of debating how I was going to transport my father's beloved 1965 40 from one corner of the country to the other, I finally took action. While visiting my family for a week I decided to just start the restoration there at my parents' house...
  6. cruiserjunktion

    Bucket List

    Knocking a couple things off the bucket list this week: Cross country road trip Fj45 lpb Pics to follow
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