1. Mattdamnit

    For Sale  Toyota 5.7L Air Induction Pump Bypass Kit & Exhaust Port Plates - NO CUTTING !

    Got the wrong one, so I'm selling it at a loss, asking 180 OBO shipped. Email mattdamnit@gmail.com for fastest response. It's brand new from Rutech.
  2. ewillis

    What was your deciding factor for the 5.7 Tundra?

    A full size V8 truck is in my near future. My head is spinning with the whole Silverado vs Tundra vs F150 vs blah blah...I would be leaning toward the Tundra for the familiarity of Toyota and what is my perception of Toyota reliability. The Silverado High Country is one beautiful truck though...
  3. hankinid

    5.7 Engine Block Heater...Where does it go?

    Did a pretty complete half way through winter clean up on the interior on my '13 LC. Found a block heater (Kat's 11813) shoved down under the door to the jack. The heater is designed to be placed in a hole (~5/8" diameter by ~4 inches deep) in the block itself...i.e., it's not a water jacket...
  4. USA4thewin

    5.7 Supercharged Manual transmisson (batmobile)

    A brief intro to this truck. was originally purchased as a GX.R V6 with a 4.0 engine and manual 5 speed transmission 2010 model, has all the bells and whistles like a sunroof all Auto windows parking sensors center and rear difflocks etc and a high mount spare wheel exactly what I was looking...
  5. thewadejack

    New Here! FJ60 5.7L TBI rig/ A/C ideas?

    How yall doin! I managed to finally buy my dream FJ60 this last Saturday. From a very happy previous owner excited to see someone of my generation looking and longing to learn what's necessary here. In my college days I wanted one of the older J10 pickups or Jeep Cherokee Chiefs from the 70s...
  6. jesus888

    NEW FJ Owner - Long Trip Advice... (Lots of pictures)

    So... I'm a recent FJ40 owner, and come from the Classic Bronco world... Just a little history... my good friend and I built a 69 Bronco from the ground up and threw every option we possibly could at it... including a fuel injected 302, nv3550, disc brakes, hydroboost, power steering/brakes...
  7. JoeDrifter

    TRD Supercharged 3URFE 5.7 Tundra powered FJ40

    Hey Guys, New to the forum. I have been posting to TundraTalk for some time about my TRD Supercharged Lexus SC430 I have been building. Now that most of the crazy R&D has been completed on that project I have decided to start on what I believe to be the ultimate FJ40 powered by a TRD...
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