1. R

    LJ 70 5-speed pops out of first gear - how hard to fix?

    Hi All, My 86 LJ70 is popping out of 1st gear, which I assume means tearing into it. The syncros for going from 1st to second and second to third can be a bit grindy when cold as well. The truck has over 160k miles on it. Is this something I can do myself or have done in most garages or should...
  2. RazhanK

    For Sale 2004 Lexus IS300 5-Speed Manual (97.4k miles)

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to post about my IS300 that I am selling on Bring a Trailer! Feel free to check it out and ask any questions you have! 2004 Lexus IS300 5-Speed
  3. thewadejack

    H55F Planning/advice please :(

    Alright, I know I want a 5-speed. I want to go on road trips and not worry about it sitting in 4th gear for over 5 hours. I currently have the original 4-speed with a TBI swap in my cruiser I bought in November. One year from now I want to at least bought a 5-speed from one of the sites that...
  4. M

    craigslist 1988 FJ62 H55 5-Speed ABQ

    Anyone know this rig or familiar with Relic 4x4 (builder) in Albuquerque? 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62
  5. P

    For Sale Toyota H55F five speed tansmission, "rebuilt", complete.

    Hi, I am in southern British Columbia, Canada, and have a Toyota H55F five speed manual transmission for sale. $1000 USD and that includes the driveshafts to convert from a 4-speed, and bellhousing. It came out of a 1983 BJ60 diesel with a 3B engine. Currently taking up space in the back of...
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