1. TwelveGravity

    Wanted  A340H, Rebuilt or Lightly Used. (CA)

    Good evening. In search of an A340H to replace the shot auto in a 1991 Toyota 4runner 3.0V6. I have checked with a few local transmission shops which claim it will cost more money to pull it and have it rebuilt than it would be to find one used. The plan is to remove the current transmission &...
  2. warrenhol

    Engine Tech - Blown head gasket

    Howdy! Long time member here who cant remember what my log in was from 2004... So, signed back up with my latest need and back at it! Here is the issue on a 2001 Toyota 4runner 3.4L V6 194,000 miles on vehicle Symptoms: Highway driving and oil pressure light came on Drove for 3 miles and took...
  3. Granola9

    New tire advice please.

    I would welcome some advice on a tire replacement. I have a 2007 4Runner with 265/65/17 on factory rims. I would like to go a little larger on the tire but need advice from you on the best option. I am not doing hardcore off road...yet. I hike, camp, ski, scuba etc so I love getting off the...
  4. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale  Yakima Mega Warrior rack + Extension (Lincoln CA)

    I have a Yakima Mega Warrior rack with extension. I ran it on my 60 for a while but got a different rack for the rtt. This rack is in great condition. $400. Local pickup
  5. C

    For Sale  Toyota elockers and housings (Cookeville,TN)

    ---- Available ---- 4Runner axle with 4.30 elocker $1000 or $600 for third 3.73 elocker third $600 4.56 open third $400 Factory RR DIFF LOCK switch $40 ---- Sold Items ---- Tacoma axle with 4.10 elocker $1000 or $600 for third (sold) 4.10 elocker third $600 (sold) ---------- Feel free...
  6. C

    Wanted  79-84 Pick up or 4Runner Front Axle

    For a 1970 FJ55 drum to disc brake conversion. Specifically looking for knuckle, brake backing plate, birfield outers, spindle, steering arms, and locking hubs. I live in southern California-any leads greatly appreciated.
  7. acflyguy18

    FZJ80 Rear Springs

    Hey, was trying to find which 4 Runner years the FZJ80 Rear springs can be used to lift a 4 Runner. Previously passed on my fronts to a guy for a lift on his 4 Runner and seem to remember the rears lift a different generation 4 Runner than the fronts springs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. N

    Anza Borrego newbie advice? (Escondido California)

    Hello All, I just signed up and hopefully am posting this in a suitable place. I intend to buy a TE or TEP 4Runner in the near future and am hoping for some thoughts specific to Anza Borrego and the following constraints: I intend to not do any modifications anytime soon. I've grown up...
  9. snowcruiser

    For Sale  Clutch Kit - 4runner/Tacoma 3.4 V6

    Selling all parts required for replacing your worn out clutch on a 3rd gen 4runner or similar Tacoma with the 3.4 liter V6. You are responsible for checking all part numbers for your specific application but this was purchased for a 1999 4Runner from CruiserDan so I expect it to be correct...
  10. G

    New member- question '05 4R lift (hydraulic suspension OME)

    My 15 yo son is getting his sister's 05 4R Sport and he planned to lift it. Local 4x4 expert checked VIN and discovered it has the special hydraulic suspension that he recommended no changes be done to avoid safety issues. Son is heartbroken and wants a diff 4R or LC! Does anyone have experience...
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