1. Comparison 33s vs 35s

    Comparison 33s vs 35s

  2. Coolfishluke

    FJ80 Gearing and tyres

    I have recently purchased a 1992 FJ80 with 35" tyres and 4.88 diff gears. I have also fitted a Marks 4WD part time 4WD hub kit. It drives great, especially since the Mark's kit was installed. I am planning to drive around the USA over 6-8 months, so plenty of miles both on and off road...
  3. G

    Wanted WTB Tires for 18" wheels! Please!

    Hi Mud, Looking for tires for 18" wheels. Newish 33s or 34s are preferred. Would also consider trading my 18"s for smaller wheels with tires... Near Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks!
  4. ylexot

    For Sale 285/75R16 E-rated ATs mounted and balanced

    I took these off my 2000 LX470 with stock rims. Hankook Dynapro AT/m RF10 285/75R16 E-rated 10 ply tires on LX470 16 Toyota alloy rims. Deep tread. Approx 11/32 tread (13/32 new) I love these tires. Great traction in snow, rain, gravel, loose dirt, moderate mud. I like them so much I...
  5. SoCalFZJ80

    33" vs 35" Tires Stock Gears FJ80

    Last weekend I picked up my second fj80. Its a 1995 and right now the vehicle is completely stock. I plan on putting a 3” lift on in the next month and eventually bumpers down the line but first it needs new tires. I am debating between 285 75 16 33s VS 315 75 16 35s. This is my daily driver...
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