2h diesel

  1. athensrep

    FREE  Dahlonega GA - x2 H diesel engines

    That’s right - FREE! I have x2 H diesels that need to be picked up from a shop in Dahlonega Georgia. These came with a truck that shipped over from Aus. Condition is unknown - sitting outside under cover. Most all parts on the engines. Both are palletized and need to be picked up as a set. Shop...
  2. Nicholas83

    1981 HJ47 2h oil cooler oil bypass line?

    2h oil cooler filter housing replacement from original oil filter spinner type housing to a later model 83 on oil filter housing /relief valve . New filter housing has oil banjo oil line off housing usually directly to injection pump then front timing cove but this also has a feed I’m guessing...
  3. free2surf

    For Sale  1983 Toyota HJ 47 - 2H, Arkana / Australian Import Runs Great & Ready for final Resto

    Hey Mudders, Unfortunately, it is time that I get my 1983 HJ 47 Arkana to a better home. I don’t have much time these days to devote and I know there is someone who does and will love her like we have. She is also starting to get some body rust and while the frame is still perfect, she needs to...
  4. AdamRonaldson

    Rod Knock on rebuilt 2H engine

    I recently (3 months ago) rebuilt my 2H engine on my 1989 60 Series Cruiser. Complete rebuild, sleeves to OEM oil pump. Everything on STANDARD spec. decent parts REASON FOR REBUILD: poor compression noticeable from tappet cover breather and sludge buildup in motor oil. Also intend to supercharge...
  5. ToyotaERN

    For Sale  Crescent city , hj47 2h , trans , t case

    Selling 1981 hj47 2h diesel , 4 speed trans , transfer case . Has 240k on odometer . It was pulled from a very nice cruiser. It’s located in crescent city California. Asking 4k obo . Also have the factory diesel tank , original hj47 troopy frame and some other parts. Cell is 707-218-0574. No...
  6. Stranger6333

    4 speed upgrade to 5 speed box

    hi looking for support on upgrading the old 82 hj60 2h from the OG 4 speed box to a 5speed. I have sourced one from a 88 2h troopy. my main question is what other parts ill be needing. will my bell housing fit? and do i need to get a set of drive shafts out of a 5speed 60 to fit? and light on...
  7. koxfarm

    Pete’s cadet blue cab chassis HJ47

    This is to record the fine overhaul of Peter’s Australian issue HJ47 cab chassis, ute. It had been modified by previous owner, fitted with auxiliary tank and non specific double battery and some crazy mess of wiring. The body is 90% rust free with a few rust spots to be managed. We are going to...
  8. S


    Hi Everyone, New to this forum so this question may have been answered already. I have a 1982 BJ42 with a 5speed 3B. The engine is badly dusted, I am able to get a decent 2H engine for the right price. Has anyone done this conversion? The same guy with the 2H engine has an old rusty 60 series...
  9. M

    For Sale  2h engine block

    i have a 2h engine out of a wreaked jdm 60 that i dismantled just for the ac parts. The engine itself is missing the injection pump, and the lines to the injectors have been cut with a sawsall. the odometer has about 300k kilometers on it when i pulled it, the story was it was stolen and rolled...
  10. Gus

    For Sale  H55 & split transfer case from HJ60

    ***SOLD*** H55 and transfer case from a 87 Canadian spec HJ60, shifted smoothly prior to removal, been stored in doors. The transmission shift lever and some drive shaft parts (not in the pics) are included. this came out of a northeastern Cruiser so the transmission has surface rust, it's also...
  11. Gus

    For Sale  2H

    *** SOLD *** I have a 2H I removed from a Canadian spec 87 HJ61, aprox 300KM, includes a rebuilt head and gasket kit. When I bought the rig, it had even compression on all cylinders except #3 which was traced to a valve issue, thus the included rebuilt head. It ran well, started easily when I...
  12. J

    Damn thing won't start

    Hey everyone I have a 86 60 series 2H manual I bought this off a bloke who hydolocked it and bent a rod...easy! All back together again with no problems... but it won't start, I have started it once being jumped off another 4x4 and spraying ether down the throat! Things I've checked/...
  13. PinkLemon

    HJ47 Glow Problems

    I posted this in the 40 series tech section, but someone suggested I post it here as well... I know there are a lot of threads about glow plug issues, I've read a few of them today and they've been very helpful. Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone has ideas about something I can...
  14. PinkLemon

    HJ47 Glow Problems

    I know there are a lot of threads about glow plug issues, I've read a few of them today and they've been very helpful. Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone has ideas about something I can check before ordering new parts... I have a HJ47 with a 2H that had been sitting idle for the...
  15. FJ601986

    2H keeps running after the is turned off.

    Have a 2H in a 1986 HJ 12 v. Turn the key off and it keeps running. Eric seams to be working what should I be looking for??
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