1. L

    24v hj60 glow plug current sensor exploded

    I know there are tons of glowplug issues posts but could not find anything close to what happen to me. Truck hasn't run for 2 months, had fuel issues which I think I fixed. But while it's been sitting I've been cleaning/replacing all the wire connectors through out engine bay. I've had a glow...
  2. jason fischman

    HJ61 24V upgrade with 12V system and battery bank

    I recently installed a REDARC BCDC-1225D with a small battery bank into the rear left interior panel. Here is the wiring diagram and some photos. What do ya guys think? Anyone see any issues?
  3. J

    For Sale 24v WARN 8274 motor, solenoid and controller

    $300 OBO + shipping Converted my 24v Warn 8274 to a 12v to fit the new truck Selling motor with 24v windings and complete 24v solenoid pack and controller Only requires bearing (available from warn) and 2 ga grounding wire (+) is supplied with the above Located in Steamboat Springs, CO
  4. T

    HDJ81: 24v to 12v starter conversion

    I'm trying to convert from 24v starter to 12v using @FlyAddiction 's 1HDT 24v to 12v conversion step by step He says to connect the passengers side positive through the 5511e and a fuse to the aux fuse box. His diagram indicates its on the right hand side of the engine bay I'm trying to...
  5. jetswim

    Wanted rear wiper relay 24v Part# 85940-90k05

    I think my relay is burnt out. If anyone has a used one kicking around I'm definitely interested. Will pay shipping to Toronto, Canada M6E 2W2. It's going in a 1988 BJ74. Cheers
  6. ToRyota

    Wanted 24v HJ61 AC Compressor

    The AC compressor in my 24v 88' HJ61 has completely seized, and it's looking like I need to replace it. If you have one for sale, or know of a way to get one, please let me know! Thanks!
  7. Jdmfun

    SOLD 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado

    Clean LJ78 diesel, with automatic transmission. Factory electric lockers, rear diff locker and power options. Moonroof, HID Lights, daily driven, seats 8, runs great! 5k miles on Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's, 32x11.50R15LT. Link for pictures: 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD Classic Florida title...
  8. AussieHJCruza

    Huh? Confused newbie to the 24v thing

    G'day guys and girls, I've recently aquired a JDM import HJ61, and given that 12v is the norm for cruisers here, I'm not too familiar with the whole 24v thing, so I'd really appreciate some help, because this has me a bit boxed; 1) Wiring is interesting to say the least; some people shouldn't...
  9. Delancy

    Wanted 24V B/H Glow Plug Current Sensor

    Also need single pole 24V oil pressure sensor.
  10. izula

    Wanted 24V Charge Lamp Relay (27790-57010)

    Looking for a usable 24V charge lamp relay part number 27790-57010. Anybody have one that they are looking to part with? Thanks!
  11. landcruiserjunky

    For Sale FJ60 Clock + Inclinometer 24v

    I have a really nice fj60 inclinometer. Clear face, both adjuster knobs present, tilt/roll very agile. I was installing this weekend when I noticed the red 24volt. Definitely a Homer Simpson D'oh moment. $250
  12. Wes

    SOLD (TX) 24V Inspection Lamp w/ Blue Bag

    I have two 24V inspection lamps with blue bags for sale. These are the later ones with black chord and yellow cad plated hardware. One bag has a bluer tint to it than the other (I don't believe this is the heavily tinted blue bag found with earlier brown chord lamps) and has a small tear along...
  13. Mich

    Afterglow not working on 2H 24V

    Patient is a Canadian spec 1986 HJ60. Very stock. Starts fine, even when cold. But after about 20s to 30s (depending on temperature) the first glow plug heat cycle is over (relay #1 shuts off and voltage to glow plug rail drops to 0V). Engine shakes and smokes bad until it warms up (takes a...
  14. H

    For Sale 1hdft 24v complete engine

    I am selling a complete hdj80 engine. It is a 1hdft 24v version The engine has done 200K miles. Engine is very clean and has no oil leakes. Engine come with alternator and starter, flywheel and clutch. (and propeller, not on photo) If anyone is interested I can startup the engine and makes...
  15. C

    Help required with 24v to 12v reducer install

    HI all. I've done enough reading to have a fairly good understanding of how I can rig up a 24volt to 12 volt reducer in my 1990 70 series 1 PZ system... though through all my searching I can't solve one final dilemma. My reducer has 1 each of 24+ and 24- wires. I plan to ground the negative to...
  16. S

    Jump starting 24v from a 12v

    Quick question. I have a 24v system (juat one battery). My 24v battery is dead. Can i jump start it using a car with a 12v electrical system? Thanks,
  17. aaron9252

    1986 2H 24V woes...about to jump off the deep end.

    Guys, If you're like me, you REALLY like figuring things out yourself and it feels like a kick to the junk when you get to the point of giving up. Well, when it comes to my 24V 2h, giving up translates to taking it somewhere to be diagnosed which then leads to being kicked square a second time...
  18. aaron9252

    2h 24v FSM link help

    Guys, Hopefully I didn't simply overlook it but I've been searching for a link to a FSM for my 1986 24v 2H. I've either found broken links, random PDF pics, or old threads that show the pictures inactive. Does someone have a full FSM link out there? Thanks!
  19. DieselCruiser81

    83' BJ42 24v Glow Plug Problems

    My 83' BJ42 doesn't start well unless its warm weather. I notice that the glow plug light stays on for the about 2-3 seconds if its 30 or 80 degrees. When it does finally start up it blows plenty of white smoke for about 15 seconds. Would this be the glow plug timer causing this problem? Thanks
  20. Mungrol

    12V to 24V bulb conversion chart

    So I had a turn signal bulb go out on my BJ74, did my research here on MUD as well as online to no avail. Finally used the Toyota p/n someone had posted to try and order from the local stealer and they could get it in a week for $7 each. When at Napa trying to find the correct one, I found this...
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