24 volt

  1. B

    bj73 3B gauge cluster electical diagram

    if someone has pictures or a file of the electrical diagram for the gauge cluster for an bj73 from 86 with an 3B need all the numbers and colors of the cables
  2. AussieHJCruza

    Huh? Confused newbie to the 24v thing

    G'day guys and girls, I've recently aquired a JDM import HJ61, and given that 12v is the norm for cruisers here, I'm not too familiar with the whole 24v thing, so I'd really appreciate some help, because this has me a bit boxed; 1) Wiring is interesting to say the least; some people shouldn't...
  3. C

    For Sale Toyota 24 Volt Starter Motor

    working starter motor taken out of a 60 series Sahara Land Cruiser, difficult to see in the photos, labels states: Nippodenso Japan 28100-47090 028000-7240 24V 4C 27 Price $150.00 Location Brisbane, Australia Freight extra
  4. AlbertoSD

    SOLD 1HZ 24V Alternator - Sold

    Selling the 24 Volt alternator that came with the 1HZ engine that will go on my 70-series. Asking $200 o.b.o. plus shipping from Cincinnati. My 70-series is 12 Volt so I won't be needing this. Thanks! -Alberto
  5. F

    For Sale Solid clean 1989 HJ-61 Turbo Diesel Right Hand Drive (Nevada)

    > New price 19.5K Big price reduction.... >EGT and Transmission temp monitor installed. >Low milage 185277 kilometers thats 115125 miles on the dial >Currently smogged and registered in Nevada, previously Arizona >Ready to upgrade or drive as is, new shackles up front drives like a dream on...
  6. TristanFF

    BJ42 Starter Questions

    Greetings Ladies and Gents, I own a 1982 Toyota BJ42 Land Cruiser that has a 24 Volt, Canadian Spec. electrical system. So, it is all 24 Volt including engine electrical, trailer electrical, marker and tail lights, and also the instrument cluster. The head lights however, are 12 Volt as it is...
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