1. Riverrunner

    For Sale 84 22r w/ Flippac

    Put mine up on Craigslist today. 84 Toyota Pick up 22r with flippac 84 Toyota Pick up 22r with Flippac
  2. Chachi254

    Builds "JAWS" - My new 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4

    Hey Mudders! Just picked up "JAWS", the Great White 1983 Toyota Pickup, and I couldn't be happier! It was custom ordered in Alaska by the original owner as a Truck-bed Camper Hauler. Spent its first 31-years and 56k miles with the original owner in Alaska before being sold to a guy in...
  3. Borrego

    22r destroyed dizzy rotor, now it won't time...

    HELP! I have a 1985 22r. I was driving down the trail, and all of a sudden lost all power, the truck completely shut down. I put it on the flatbed and took it home. I looked at the distributor and the rotor was destroyed and parts were melted to the cap! I've never seen this before. I cleaned...
  4. alohamade

    For Sale 22R OEM CARB K&N Filter

    Aloha, I have a OEM 22R Carburator with K&N Filter that I pulled off my 1987 Xtra Cab. I went to a weber and have no use for this anymore. Asking $150
  5. Kenneth Ferro

    1987 22r Intake/snorkel recommendations

    Hi all, I would like to install a snorkel on my 87' pickup. It has the 22R. Any recommendations on quality companies ya'll have used? What else should I overhaul on this truck to keep it water resistant as far as air and electrical? The truck is bone stock and I would like to get it overland...
  6. toomanytoyzz

    22R Carb woes after rebuild

    I had the carb on my 1982 Toyota rebuilt due to not starting unless I hit it with ether after sitting for a day, but the issue I'm having now is when I give it gas under a load it will give that sucking sound and have no power at all when trying to drive the vehicle in gear unless I really goose...
  7. Z

    22r pickup coil works

    The 34 dollar 1984 22r pickup coil (signal generator), works as well as the 100 dollar, 1984 2f signal generator. Same thing. Just an FYI.
  8. nuclearlemon

    For Sale [co] 22r starter nib

    ultima brand starter nib. i filed warranty for one that was installed on a new engine i had installed and instead of refunding money, they gave me another starter. don't need it. $65 + core new, i'm selling for $55 outright. located in north denver
  9. ThatGuyChris

    For Sale 1981 Toyota Pickup 4x4 - 147k

    The truck runs and drives great, 22r engine, 5speed, 4x4 works, heater works, no AC but the blower blows, tires have plenty of tread, oil pressure and voltameter gauge, Pioneer stereo, original carburetor (I think). Just had all the brakes redone, distributor cap, wires, and plugs redone. I...
  10. A

    Just changed Timing chain and now won't start

    Hey, thanks for looking and responding. I have an 87 pickup, 22-R engine, 2 wheel drive. I just changed all the timing components since the chain guide was broken and after getting it back together it won't start... or even try to. I am pretty sure that I did everything right on the timing. I...
  11. OverlandDream

    22r strange overheating.

    Hello everyone hopefully someone can help me. I just got a 1990 4Runner with a 22re in it. The engine was rebuilt and has only 50,000 miles. When I purchased it I drove it about 2 hours on the Interstate (70 mph max, 5th gear, 3k rpms) with no trouble until I stopped at my destination. Then it...
  12. T

    22r question on when it was first produced

    trying to see if anyone has a truck, celica with a production year of 1980 and a 22r motor. Apparently a motor swap from 15 years ago has come back to haunt me. Apparently having a motor newer than 1981 in a 1980 truck without smog equipment is a big deal, but if the motor was available in 1980...
  13. jfreidbe

    1981 22R Seattle

    I have a 1981 22R short bed 2WD pickup that I purchased with 70K miles on it. Given its age, I think it sat around a lot. It's a solid truck that starts up and runs, but it would be better with some expert help. It needs a carburetor rebuild, and I suspect a lot of other parts are starting to...
  14. WestGemini

    22r Aisan Carb 35291

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker for this site. I've finally decided I need to make my own account and ask for some more specific help with this issue I've been having with my truck. Hoping someone out there can help me out. From what I can tell there's something wrong with my carburetor...
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