1. R

    For Sale  2002 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Toyota Land Cruiser - $9,500 obo. Odometer 195000, Leather seats, heated front seats, 4 wheel drive, trailer hitch, electric trailer brakes, new tires, new speakers, Garmin navigation with backup camera, Bluetooth, battery saver, 3rd row seating making it a seven passengers vehicle. I have...
  2. 0

    Center caps for LX470 (2002)

    Just installed TRD rims (18's) (no spacer) and the old Lexus caps don't fit. Anything out there that will fit? or can i modify the OG Lexus ones to fit? would like front and rear. Thanks!
  3. B

    For Sale  OEM 2002 Land Cruiser 3rd Row Seats $180

    Khaki 3rd row seats out of an '02 cruiser. kept in garage, look and feel brand new. Fayetteville, Ar.
  4. athensrep

    For Sale  1971 BMW 2002 Roundie - Atlanta

    Figured I'd throw it up here. Lot of spammers and interest out of state, but no real people showing up yet. This would be a good winter project for someone wanting a decent '02 at a fair price. Bought it from my neighbor who had it since the mid-eighties. 1971 BMW 2002 - roundie
  5. O

    2002...Cranks, but doesn't start...Immobilizer light keeps flashing

    Hi All I'm new to the forum and wanted to share the issue and its solution I had during the last two weeks. Few weeks ago my 2002 Cruiser didn't want to start, it cranked but didn't start and the Immobilizer light kept flashing. After around 40minutes of trying, it suddenly started. However...
  6. Romer

    For Sale  SOLD - daughterofromers 2002 4Runner Limited

    *****SOLD********* 2002 4runner Limited – 171,XXX Miles - $SOLD • CB • ARB Front Bumper with Front Lights • White Knuckle Sliders • Skid Plate • Rear Storage Drawer • OME Lift • BFG 33” tires • A-Track • Custom stereo and Sub ( Not pictured) • Remote Start • Weather Tech Mats It was well...
  7. Jody Meade

    For Sale  Have one to sell? Sell now 2002 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Automatic Transmission, 4.7L, 2UZFE Engine, 8 C

    For sale is my 2002 Lexus LX470 Transmission. It has 120,000 original miles on it. The Transmission is in perfect working condition. I removed the Transmission thinking that it was in need of work but it turned out to be the front differential that was broke. The transmission is perfect. The...
  8. Jllesy2

    2002 land cruiser new guy needs...

    I'm looking for new and larger(heated) mirrors. I'm also looking for the largest tires (270/75/16 on now) possible without a lift kit and nothing restricts them in turning. On a budget, 7 back fusions will help one not work so much, and I need and Appreciate any advice/help!!! Bumper guard is...
  9. Jllesy2

    2002 base- fng

    I just bought my 1st LC! Looking for a reliable navigation system and back-up camera (7 back surgeries have me on a budget). Hopefully serius radio too. Suggestions? Thanks Much
  10. 750DUCATI

    For Sale  2002 4runner 4x4 Limited! Trans Wanted!

    Hi fellow Toyota People! I am searching for auto Trans for my 2002 Toyota 4runner limited? I gather it needs to come from a 2001 or 2002. I am hoping to get into a used/good trans for $700 I live in salt lake city UT. Thanks my name is James and my number is #801-694-0526. I'm not in a big hurry.
  11. M

    2002 LC Paneling?

    Unsure if this is the correct term but I could take a picture if necessary. I purchased my 2002 about 10 months ago and the paint/body is in fantastic shape. I put my own wax on twice a year. My only complain is the 4-5 inch paneling/skirting that runs along the doors has lost some color and...
  12. S

    Factory Alarm Removal for 2002 LC 100 Series

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to remove/disable the factory alarm for my 2002 LC 100 series. Seen some posts on this in the forum but nothing for my era of LC and nothing that was very detailed or helpful. Feel free to DM me if you don't want this sort of conversation...
  13. Jody Meade

    For Sale  2002 Land Cruiser/LX470 Transmission

    Hey Folks, I'm selling my 2002 Transmission. It fits both the LX470 AND Cruiser 98-02. I removed the transmission thinking that I blew it whiling blasting out of my parking garage after snow storm stella. The truck was locked in about 4 feet of ice and I didn't have a shovel so I just blasted...
  14. B

    For Sale  2002 Toyota Landcruiser 162k miles New Jersey

    being updated...
  15. M

    2002 Clunk When Shifting Forward to Reverse-TOO Much?

    I just purchased a used 2002 LC, and occasionally there is a clunk when shifting from forward to reverse or vice versa. After doing some searching, and remembering back to an FJ that I owned; this is tied to the u-joints in the drive shafts. However, the LC is much worse than the FJ; to the...
  16. 808Fafner

    Wanted  2002 LX470 Jack Door

    Hi I'm looking for the back door panel that covers where the jack is located. Mines cracked and no longer stays close. Thank you in advance.
  17. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  470 OEM speaker

    Looking to buy a driver's side front door speaker. Mark Levinson. 2002 or earlier. Thanks
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