1. McClaxton

    Tracking down a noise on my 1HD-T / HDJ-80

    Ok folks, I’m getting a sound like a bad bearing somewhere. I’ve pulled all drive belts, and it continued. So I thought it might be the timing belt tensioner. Doesn’t get louder with the cover off. Could it be in the injection pump? Has anyone heard this annoying sound before? I posted a short...
  2. anothernord

    SOLD  CO: 1993 Land Cruiser VX Limited - HDJ81 - Turbodiesel RHD

    Reposting: Up for sale is my excellent 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser with the 1HD-T turbodiesel and right hand drive. I've taking it across the CO mountains and it runs and drives like a dream and easily pulls up hills. I purchased it this past summer but a brand addition to the family requires...
  3. J

    Wanted  WTB Water Pump Pulley for 1HD-t

    Hi All, Noobie here, I have a '86 HJ60 that was repowered prior to me,with a 1HD-t. Had a local shop do some work and they lost the water pump pulley, arggg. found the part number , but my local Toyota dealer says that it's NLA. Anyone have one , new or used, that they would sell? thanks, Jeff...
  4. BiffS

    Parting Out  1991 HDJ81.... NO ENGINE OR TRANS, Burnaby BC, Canada

    parting out a 1991 grey VX trim HDJ81. Interior was somewhat clapped out, so prices will reflect that. Body and mechanical in good condition. Have multiples of some other parts like doors, etc. NOT AVAILABLE: -Engine - Transmission - Cooler box - Tach The rest is available. I'm not on here...
  5. TK9066

    "Hello Word" from Zelena the LC80

    Hi!! Greetings from Pakistan, this is my first thread... ever! tbh... '93 LC80 nicknamed Zelena is my first project. bought in Dec 2017 in completely stock form. The below pic is from the first few days :) Over the past 2yrs all the mods done to date have been budget mods on a very tight...
  6. Bonznfc

    SOLD  Yuma, AZ: 1991 HDJ81 Triple Locked 211k KM

    Its time to start savings for my next project so I am going to have to thin the herd. 1991 HDJ81 with just under 211,000 Km. -Imported by me and currently registered and titled in AZ. Overall it runs like a champ. No knocking, doesn't heat up (even in the 115 deg summer here). Things that...
  7. theOGzilla

    theOGzilla's '92 HDJ81.

    How's it going everyone! Mike here from Central PA. I bought my '92 HDJ81 from Driver Motorsports in August of 2018. It's coming up on a year of ownership. I decided to make a build thread for my Cruiser. I've owned several vehicles in the past but honestly, this HDJ81 is one of my favorite...
  8. kevsta

    AltFuel  1HD-T with Diesel SVO mix?

    Could I... just add (say) 35% SVO to 65% diesel, straight into the main tank on my 1HDT, and let it mix up in there? ie rather than separate tanks etc? I live in a (relatively) warm climate, winter doesn't usually get much below 5C very often, mostly more like 10-12C, I've seen zero C about...
  9. HoJo 61

    Growing the family -> HDJ80 VX

    Hello people! Some of you may know me from 60-series chat, but for those who do not, i'm Mikko (Mike) from Finland, and i'm addicted to Cruisers, this latest addition is my 3rd. And i have no intention to stop hoarding for more. Feel free to heck out my other Cruisers, links to the build threads...
  10. Ghostrider I

    LED lighting....

    As per advice from many, I am about to take the plunge and get LED bulbs. However, where does one get them, and for the headlights, is it plug and play, or do I need new wiring harnesses?
  11. Ghostrider I

    Oil pressure at idle.

    Does anyone on here know what the idle oil pressure is for a 1HD-T with a five speed?
  12. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T engine JDM take off 128,984 miles

    1HD-T engine with 207,581 km (128,984 miles). It comes from 02/1992 HDJ81 Engine is in good condition. Starts easy and runs smoothly. Videos of engine running will be uploaded later Comes with brand new OEM timing belt, idler and thermostat Price is $6999 USD Freight and delivery charges are...
  13. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T JDM take off for sale 134,450 miles

    1HD-T engine with 216,377 km (134,450 miles) on it. It comes from 11/1990 HDJ81 Engine is in extremely good condition, very clean. It has been test run before taking out and it starts easily and runs smoothly. Videos of engine running will be uploaded later. Has brand new OEM timing belts, idler...
  14. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T Injection Pump

    For sale is a 1-HDT diesel injection pump out of HDJ81. It was fully rebuild with a lot of brand new Denso parts in it so it's condition is nearly as brand new. The pump is $1299.99 USD (core deposit of $700 is required) Shipping is extra. Core deposit is returned upon receiving your old pump...
  15. I

    For Sale  1991 HDJ81

    Hey there, folks. I'd like to sell my 1991 HDJ81. Here's a bit about it. * It was imported from Japan with all the appropriate customs and EPA paperwork. * It's titled in Oregon and registered until 2020. * Right hand drive! * It has the 1HD-T turbo diesel engine and 4 spd automatic...
  16. justdifferentials

    For Sale  1HD-FT Stock Turbo

    Upgraded to aftermarket turbo when doing the motor swap on my HJ75. 1HD-FT Used OEM Turbo, This turbo was in good condition, but not sure on exact mileage. $350
  17. Ghostrider I

    Part #'s request.

    I am thinking about upgrading to a Mean Green alternator and starter. Anyone on here have the part numbers for the starter and alternator for a 1HD-T engine with a five speed manual and air con?
  18. Wildnlost

    1HDT Head Gasket Issues

    I noticed recently that my Land Cruiser with 1HDT was pushing a bit of coolant into the Overflow. I remove the head and did an inspection. I found cylinders 4 5 and 6 we're leaking on the right hand side of the Block near the back into the water jacket. I checked the cylinder head for...
  19. J

    1HD-T - lots of oil from rocker cover breather

    [Cross posting from 80 series tech forum on inkpot's suggestion] Hi all, My 4.2L 1HD-T 80 series is experiencing some serious oil usage. I've narrowed it down to the rocker cover breather outlet; temporary catch can collected 250-300mL of oil on a ~50km test run. There is some variability...
  20. J

    Lots of oil from rocker cover breather - oil restrictor missing?

    Hi all, My 4.2L 1HD-T 80 series is experiencing some serious oil usage. I've narrowed it down to the rocker cover breather outlet; temporary catch can collected 250-300mL of oil on a ~50km test run. There is some variability in the amount of oil collected. Driving at ~80km/h (about 5 PSI...
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