1. ccslider

    SOLD 1997 fzj80 / lx450 used distributor

    From a 97 lx450 I'm selling a good working used distributor. I'd recommend replacing the o-ring that always seems to leak on these. Also replace the cap and rotor at the same time. 85 shipped to us I have other parts from a parts truck, anything that fits in the medium flat rate box will...
  2. S

    Fluid flowing/gurgling or rod knock noise from the engine - 1FZ FE

    So my buddy finished cleaning up and doing a whole bunch of maintenance in the engine bay ('97 LX450) including fixing an oil pump leak (with kit from Wits End), new pump, new thermostat, heater control valve, filters, replacing all the coolant hoses including bypassing the rear heater core, new...
  3. BakerFJ

    Chasing #6 Misfire; An Adventure More Difficult Than Twas Foreseen (93 FZJ80)

    Hey all, been trying to track down an issue on my 1993 Land Cruiser with the 1FZFE. It has no power and is stumbling, sometimes will die if I lightly bumo the throttle at idle. Sounds like a diesel. I've been through the forums to no avail, so here's what I've done to it and what I've checked so...
  4. Str8Razor

    97 LX450 Flashing Check Engine Light/ Vibration

    Truck has 195k miles on it and s***ty valve seals, Left for work this morning, accelerating through the gears and all of a sudden i get a heavy vibration and the check engine light starts to flash, truck was not happy and vibrating considerably over 2100 rpm, seemed to go away or calm down a bit...
  5. PurpleFJ62

    For Sale Complete 1FZ-FE Engine with M/T ECU

    I have complete 1fz engine from my fzj80 land cruiser. Pulled with about 215k miles. No knocking sounds but did smoke on cold start. Strong runner, numerous leeks. Vehicle bought by me at 207k miles so previous history not known. Engine was disassembled by me and 3d scanned, this is the reason...
  6. scruffymofo93

    Builds Roy's 1998 FZJ105R Build

    Hey guys, I'm new here please be gentle :) I just bought my first LC last week, have wanted one since I was a kid. It's a 1998 FZJ105R GXL, 4.5L automatic. I'm going to slowly build the 105 into a tourer/overlander, thought I'd start a thread to show you the progress and get some advice when I...
  7. matty_sunn1

    Broken Camshaft What Next

    1993 fzj80 with 420,000km. Head gasket and every engine seal was replaced 30,000km ago when I bought it along with some other maintenance, everything was within Toyota spec as per FSM. Have not had any issues with the engine. Driving home from work this week just get on the highway and the...
  8. V

    80 Series Stalling issues

    1994 FZJ80R - 1 FZFE Hey All, Recently replaced the head and since then things have gone a bit pear-shaped. She runs beautifully with a very consistent idle, however, since changing the head over I am getting a Code 25. At the same time, while driving the engine will simply cut out. At high...
  9. Captdone

    Oil explosion in engine compartment...What the H&@¥!

    Driving down the highway in my DD, a 94 FZJ80 (rebuilt engine 3 years ago) when my oil pressure suddenly drops and the oil light comes on. I get off the next exit and pull into a gas station. When I open the hood, oil is everywhere and looking under the engine I can't pinpoint the source because...
  10. T

    1fz-fe turbo build.

    Hello, This is my first post on this site so take it easy with the salt. I am installing a turbo on my Cruiser 100 petrol. Reason is that, here in UAE there are huge dunes that are super steep that make you wail for more power. But, since I am a complete noob in this matter so I am just gonna be...
  11. offroadvegan

    Aftermarket shroud?

    Hey all! Engine is off to the rebuilders. I ended up using Japanese Pacific Engines here in Gresham, Oregon. Final quote came in at $1800-$2500 for the rebuild, and $1000 for reinstall if I want them to do it (which I am leaning towards). Pulling that engine was a bear and would be nice to...
  12. NJacob

    Got a lc100 with a 1FZ-FE Motor

    Hi there, Is there a reliable turbo kit available for this motor. If so please do let me know,looking for a kit which is a clean install. Rebuilding the entire motor starting from tomo would be perfect to do the turbo kit once the rebuild is done. Much appreciated for the help
  13. Kolokythi

    Wanted TRD 1fzfe supercharger

    WTB TRD or Magnuson supercharger for fj80 1fzfe 4.5L. Preferably TRD but looking for used in great condition or new (if possible).
  14. White Stripe

    1fzfe revving idle

    My 1994 1fze has a strange issue. I had replaced the EFI fuse the other day. Since then when it's in park the idle goes from about 600 rpm to 2000 rpm. It quickly revs to 2000, then drops quickly to 600. As soon as it hits 600 it quickly revs to 2000. It does this only when in park. Any ideas?
  15. hazard

    1FZFE Stock Camshaft questions

    Hi All Doing a diagnostic 1FZFE teardown in preparation for a full and proper blueprint. Have done a bit already as you will see on my thread. Just finished detailed valve lash comparisons. 1FZ engine building and blueprinting During teardown I want to map all specs on this engine against...
  16. dyFJZ80

    Remanufactured 1FZFE for 94 Land Cruiser

    Noobie here. I've been reading the forums for some time and recently purchased a 94 Land Cruiser that's in solid shape cosmetically... got it for $7,000 and loving it. (225,000 miles) It's having some engine issues and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on the remanufactured engine that...
  17. TahoeCruize

    For Sale ’93 Locked 80 - BFGs, OME, Dead 1FZFE - N.CA, USA

    Factory locked 1993 FZJ80 236k on the clock Cracked head, blown head gasket, head disassembled. I’d love to swap in a diesel, but other things have come up for me and my family. Approx 50K on the old man emu Less than 10K on the new rear drums, calipers and pads. New Toyota OEM full...
  18. ShawninVA

    1FZFE advice - "DIY" rebuild or replace?

    Hi all. I've lurked a while and been able to keep my DD 95 FJ80 (245K miles) on the road with all the info here. I need more help. I've got a HG leak I am guessing-- strong smell of coolant in exhaust and having to top off the reservoir. AND after fixing a bunch of oil leaks (distrib...
  19. BakerFJ

    Engine Chatter Help 1FZFE

    I have a 1993 FJ80, Last night after about an hour of driving, i noticed my engine sounded strange, so i pulled over to check it. It was making an obvious chattering sound from the front of the motor, checked the oil level and it was fine, no engine light, it didnt sound like a knock and...
  20. MrMoMo

    Not another 1FZFE head gasket thread...

    Ok, I lied.... It is another 1FZFE head gasket thread. Backstory: Had heat, lost heat, filled rad, had heat, lost heat, checked rad, low coolant, filled rad, changed rad cap, saw white smoke, parked truck and started ordering parts. Please note that I am by no means a pro, and this is my first...
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