1. TEQiddiot

    SOLD ATL: 1FZ-FE Long Block

    I'm listing my spare 1FZ-FE long block that I've had stashed away with intentions of eventually refreshing for boost, it just hasn't been a priority (hence the cobwebs lol). Ultimately I decided there's no point in letting it continue to sit when someone could put the long block to (relatively)...
  2. Kylackey

    93 FZF80 Code 26. Stumble at Idle and No Power

    Alright I've been troubleshooting everything I can think of and am still stumped... Details on my issue and background: I've recently had the engine rebuilt and during this process I've replaced just about everything that goes on, or around a 1FZ. I wasn't aware that the injector connectors...
  3. Fj80oregon

    For Sale Oregon 95 Fzj80 ECM

    I have a good condition 95 land cruiser ECM that was pulled form a running cruiser with 260,xxx miles. Truck was engine swapped and was running great before la swap. Pm with questions. $200 obo willing to ship at your cost should be under $20.
  4. 96eighty

    Cylinder head back from the machine shop! Valve stems next?

    Just got my cylinder head back from the machine shop today and they told me they cut 0.006 off. According to this post, my head is toast..? The shop recommended me to not mess/replace the valve stems and to not clean the carbon on the valves. I've talked to a Toyota Master Mechanic and he said...
  5. CruiserCam

    Parting Out Seattle WA: 1995 FZJ80 White 80 Series with 1FZFE, Grey interior

    I bought this stock triple-locked 80 series as a doner for the axles for our HDJ80... so we're parting everything else. It has been a WA vehicle, so we liked the lack of rust on the undercarriage. And only 214,000mi. The 1FZFE has a hole in the bottom end and seized... so parting everything...
  6. BakerFJ

    Wanted ISO OBD1 1FZFE engine harness

    Looking to get a brand new, or low miles and uncrispy engine harness for my OBD1 1993 FZJ80 With 90% of my connector tangs broken, and just diagnosing the rear knock sensor wire pulling out of the connector, I'd like to find a brand new harness to install, although they are discontinued from...
  7. P

    For Sale Millington, NJ: 1994/Toyota/Land Cruiser

    Up for sale is my 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. I bought this vehicle to fix up and use daily, and have been using it daily since I bought it earlier this month. Non-locked, beige/brown cloth interior in good condition with 3rd row. The Good: Mechanically sound. Clean frame. Pesky Heater Hose has...
  8. NerfBeard

    Landcruiser 105 Auto to Manual

    Hi everyone! I have a 1Fz-Fe 105 auto and am contemplating doing a manual swap and have a couple of questions. If I swap a H series Transmission in do I need to do some chassis modding to make it fit? Where is the TCM located for the GXL model? Is the input shaft splines the same for the h...
  9. SNLC

    Builds 1995 full resto build

    Hey Cruiserheads! This build thread will document a full restoration on a 1995 FZJ80. This Cruiser came to us from Texas. The owner liked another 80 build we did and wanted the same level of detail and quality. We briefly discussed a v8 swap but pretty quickly that just went to full refresh on...
  10. OkieOverland

    Another 1FZFE with Ticking Sound! 96 LX450 with 181,000 Miles (Video included)

    Using this thread to introduce myself! I finally joined the club and got an 80 series. This is my first LX / Landcruiser. I have been wanting one for quite some time. I knew going into it that it had some motor issues, but it still seemed like a good deal. It has 181,000 miles, 2 owners, and is...
  11. arivp

    My Low beam turn on mysteriously this early morning and now it won't turn off.

    So i hope that you guys can help me figure out what the hell happened to my lc100 . TIA !
  12. FZJ8xero

    For Sale Orange County CA 80 Series 1FZ-FE Air Cleaner Filter Box (Part Number 6601)

    Hi folks, Up for sale is 1FZ-FE AIR CLEANER FILTER BOX ASSEMBLY OEM - $100 (or best offer) Part number of assembly as shown in the photo is 6601. Local pickup preferred. But willing to ship. Estimated shipping is +$70 ground. Thanks for looking!
  13. GearGeek

    SOLD OBD1 1FZFE and A442F Transmission (1994)

    I am going to be pulling and selling the motor and trans from my 1994 FZJ80 in the next few months (am LS swapping). I am posting for sale ahead of time. Motor has 285,xxx miles on it, no EGR, potential blown head gasket, low compression on cyl. 5 and 6, others test within spec. Trans has no...
  14. totallyatoyota

    My oil smells of gas

    I just got a 97 lx450 and the oil smells like gas. also sitting in the garage smells like straight gas with nothing leaking. I suspect is a leaking fuel injector. if so, does anybody know a good video on how to replace them and what is a good injector to get? Thanks in advance
  15. Brayden3223

    Hard to start after fuel pump replacement

    Hey guys I got a 1fz-fe petrol/lpg here and I just replaced my fuel pump to a Bosch one as my car couldn’t idle on petrol and struggle to start if it hasn’t been driven in hours. Now that I’ve replaced it, when the car is cold it will start beautifully within the first crank. But now when the...
  16. Ismith96fj80

    Parting Out Littleton, Colorado

    Pulling this weekend. 1996 1FZFE 4.5L engine. Ran rough, brand new timing chain kit. Needs rebuilt, possible main bearing issues. 1K CASH OBO local pick up. comes with aisin wits end blue fan clutch, otramm crank removal tool. All the accessories minus radiator.
  17. William839

    SOLD NM - 1994 land cruiser

    I’m posting up my project (which will be complete at the time of sale) early because I have my eye on another project already . I purchased this cruiser a few months ago 323k on the clock , rebuilt from salvage title to use as a crawler build / beater (complete transparency) however after seeing...
  18. Dusin

    1fz auto reverse problem in low range

    I've recently got my self a 95 auto 1fz 80 series and just been out playing in some sand. When I got the thing stuck on a hill and try to reverse out of it in low it would move backward the tiniest bit then do nothing and roll forward again and wouldnt rev up then it would stall occasionally. I...
  19. amodal1

    For Sale San Jose, CA: used 1fzfe engine + A343F transmission

    I totaled my 1997 80 series last winter. I bought a '96 to replace it and have been swapping parts since. I had recently installed a newly rebuilt motor before the crash, so I pulled that motor and transmission to install on the new truck. Basically, I knew the engine/trans well from my wrecked...
  20. FZJ8xero

    For Sale SoCal 80 Series 1FZ-FE Air Cleaner Filter Box

    Hi folks, Up for sale is 1FZ-FE AIR CLEANER FILTER BOX ASSEMBLY OEM - $100 Local pickup preferred. But willing to ship. Estimated shipping is +$70 ground. Thanks for looking!
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