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  1. DaveCin5B

    Yet another F engine rebuild thread

    I have a 1970 FJ40 that is completely stock and now in need of an engine rebuild. I have searched the Forum threads and it seems the consensus is it's easier to jump off a bridge than to find a rebuilt engine or somebody who can do the work. I am finding this to be 100% true. I am in central...
  2. MSP1989

    For Sale F engine Clutch Cover early FJ40, 43, 45 & 55

    Description: Clutch Cover P/N: 31210-60022 Condition: NOS QTY. 3 pcs Fitment: Fit for F engine 74’ & earlier Price: $300.00 per each Shipping: Express EMS for $86.40 Payment: PayPal
  3. 75fj40toy

    For Sale [NH] Stock FJ40 Intake Manifold

    I have 2 intake manifolds for sale. One came off my '75 FJ40 and the other is a spare I have. Neither one has any cracks in the heat riser area. Selling for $100 each plus shipping. If you are in the area, a pick-up can be arranged as well.
  4. GCRad1

    Replacement for Toyota 13495-60010 LOCK, CRANKSHAFT PULLEY / RL1005 HARMONIC BALANCER LOCKOUT

    Toyota has discontinued part number: 13495-60010 LOCK, CRANKSHAFT PULLEY But we have needs! We build quite a few F-Series engines and this “lock washer” has very specific duty, thus we saw fit to manufacture a replacement for the discontinued item! Our RL1005 HARMONIC BALANCER LOCKOUT is for...
  5. StrawbillyD

    SOLD 1971 FJ40, Los Angeles, CA

    This 1971 FJ40 is a beast of a machine with wonderful vintage details intact, and perfect for someone who wants a head-turning rig to cruise around town and hit the trails. I'm not using her as much as I should, so I feel she should go to someone who will appreciate her and keep her on the...
  6. foresteez

    Turbocharging a 73 1F motor in FJ40. Should I do it?

    I have a 1971 FJ40 with a 73 1F engine in it. I’m just curious would it be possible to turbocharge that I6? Let me know of your opinion on it. If I did do it it would be all custom fab so any ideas would be great.
  7. btees

    For Sale 1970 1f engine. Northern California

    Running engine recently pulled for v8 swap. No known problems. I have a video you can listen to it run. $1500 obo
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