1. S

    SOLD  Baton Rouge, LA - 1996 LX450 factory wheels

    looking to sell a set of freshly refurbished 1996 LX450 factory wheels (no center caps). $500+shipping. I am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will meet for an exchange in Baton Rouge.
  2. V

    For Sale  Eugene, OR 1996 Lexus LX450 (194k, no lockers, no rust)

    I am putting my 1996 Lexus LX450 up for sale on here and on Craigslist. It is a great rig but I have the opportunity to buy an HDJ100 in Europe, so I need to sell a couple Land Cruisers here to make that happen. So the 80 (and a 100 in a month or so) have to go. Originally from Utah, it was...
  3. C

    Wanted  Circular Air Intake Box LX450

    I'm for the circular air intake box with the air filter in it for my 1996 LX450. I've looked around online and haven't had luck finding one, and am wondering in anyone has one they're willing to part with. It's on the far left of the picture below
  4. PNWFJ80

    1996 FZJ80 Coolant & Heater Hose Part Numbers & Pictures

    This is subject to change, but here's what I've come up with so far(updated 7/6/2018): FZJ80 Heater Hose Part Numbers and Locations by PNWFJ80 posted Jul 6, 2018 at 11:17 AM FZJ80 Heater Hose Part Numbers and Locations by PNWFJ80 posted Jul 6, 2018 at 11:17 AM FZJ80 Heater Hose Part Numbers...
  5. Kai Ongaro

    Fixing Rear Bumper with after market one, is this worth it?

    Hey Guys I'm new here and just wondering if I could some opinions on my situation before I go through with this purchase. I recently received a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser from my dads friend in very good condition. The other day while I was picking up lunch an old man hit my back bumper 2 times...
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    1997 FJ80 Dash Pad, Headliner, and misc engine and interior parts SoCal

    The following parts are remainders from a restoration on a 97 FJ80 Landcruiser. They are in condition ranging from good to excellent. Please contact me by personal message for prices. I can ship SOME of these parts by USPS at reasonable prices. These are the only parts I have specific to...
  7. Elfego

    96 Land Cruiser Rear Axle Problems?

    Our lovely cruiser got rear ended a while back and after fixing and re-aligning the body, the left side goes through a new set of tires pretty quick. I made a thread about this, but never got back to it. Anyone know what the problem may be? Rusty Axle by Elfego posted Sep 24, 2017 at 3:50...
  8. 9

    For Sale  1996 FZJ80 Project

    I've been a long time lurker on mud, it was here I was persuaded to buy a cruiser and here where I got all my info to get this far into my project. Unfortunately, my schedule and my wallet have finally failed me and I'm having to let my 80 go. It's got a *slightly* misplaced engine (storing it...
  9. B

    1996 80 Series Manafold Resurfacing?

    I have a 1996 and I am slowly working through some maintenance issues since I bought it last year. One of the cats is bad, and the exhaust from cat back needs to be replaced. I also have leak in the manifold gasket. Plus, it just started throwing 3 O2 sensor codes related to channel bank 1...
  10. M

    For Sale  1996 Lexus LX-450 Locked 162K Miles

    1996 Lexus LX-450 162K Miles , Locked ,Very clean . Beautiful new front seat covers from LCH ( thanks Frank), Head gasket replaced at 100 k , have receipts . Upgraded Pioneer bluetooth head unit and speakers , have OG radio and speakers.Have receipts from 1999 until present .More photos on...
  11. Rocketeer

    For Sale  San Jose, CA - 1996 LX450 Factory Lockers, Supercharged

    I've owned this for the past 13 Years. It started as a stock LX 450 fully loaded with factory lockers. I have found my next project and need to sell this to get it. Price: $19,000 If I don't sell before the other one does then I will keep this. I love this truck and the only reason I would sell...
  12. pufft

    For Sale  1996 FJ-80

    1996 FZJ-80 with lockers 267,000 miles $12,000.00. 3" OME heavy duty lift, 35" BFG KO's on steel wheels(still have factory wheels) Smitty Built 9,000 lb. winch. Wanted to put my Warn 12,000 lb. winch in it but wouldn't fit. Factory locker's and I added the switch that allows you to use lockers...
  13. JonD

    craigslist  1996 FJ80 29K original miles?

    No affiliation crazy low miles 1996 Land Cruiser 29k miles
  14. bajaphile

    For Sale  1996 FZJ80 - 161,000 miles - San Diego

    4/17/17 -- SOLD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. Hey Everyone, Up for sale this time around is a really clean mildly built 1996 with low miles. The truck was stripped down, all holes are professionally welded, and then painted with a 2 stage genuine Toyota Quicksand color. (2016+ Tundras...
  15. Snickklefrittz

    Asking price for 1996 FZJ80 with engine knock

    Well, title says it all. I'm looking to sell my 80. It has a pretty serious lower end knock, and every resource I've read says that it will be needing a full engine rebuild. Where should I start with the price? I wish I could part it out, But I don't have the garage space or the time to tear it...
  16. S

    For Sale  1996 Land Cruiser Springs (Front and Rear)

    Rears available. Fronts sold. $40 plus shipping.
  17. icorradoi

    For Sale  Used 1996 LC Tan Seat Leather + Foam

    I just reupholstered my front seats in my 1996 Land Cruiser. The leather and seat foam that were replaced were in pretty decent condition for a 21 year 120,000 mile truck. Only area of any real wear is the driver seat left lower cushion. No cracks or tear. Drivers seat foam is missing a...
  18. G

    For Sale  1996 Lexus LX450 Second Owner 150k miles

    1996 Lexus LX450, second owner, 150k miles, $10,000 I live in NorCal: Davis, CA (20 minutes west of Sacramento) This truck has been pampered its entire life. Only 150k miles, lived in the east bay for the first 16 years, and in Davis for the past 4. It's really in great condition, including...
  19. W

    For Sale  1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser, Locked, Maintenance History

  20. A

    For Sale  1996 LX450 drivers side doors, rust free

    For Sale: I have a front and rear drivers side door off of a 1996 LX450. Front door is excellent, cladding is all good, mirror works, power window does not. Rear door is in good shape, the cladding is gone due to a blow out, but the sheet metal is fine, power window works. No rust in either...
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