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    Sold the fresh pig !

    Hi Jon, the ol pig is looking awesome. This was my sons first car, as you already know, and boy does he want it much so that i think he pm'ed you today. Its funny, or not funny at all really, when I've sold a cruiser and totally, i mean totally regret selling it. I still want my truck...
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    fj40 1/2 xtra cab build (long)

    I have always liked the FJ45lv, but hard to find in decent shape.
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    fj40 1/2 xtra cab build (long)

    Getting the bug to build something again, hmmmm..........
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    Hey Mark. You should remember my rig. I was on the double locker run with Mudrak @ Rubithon '08, then built it into the 45 and had it at Surf n Turf in '09.
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    Yes, I did sell it to Greg, I think it ended up in Texas. And... if you were wondering, I DO miss this truck.
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    FJ45 in Colorado Springs on eBay

    It is a 66 fj45 cab and bed on a 1994 hzj75 frame and axles. A friend of mine built it, and it is a really nice resto mod 45. I have never seen such a completely rust free 45 like this one. It is currently titled in Colorado. I get that the purists don't care for it, but with the Ram jet, a/c, 5...
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    Non Cruiser Overland Rig

    Yes on the od tune for the tranny. I leave the setting on mild, and the tranny is stellar. The only issue i had is with the TCM, and I just replaced a leaky tranny seal that had a small intermittent leak. All good. The 6 speed tranny that comes with the 6.7 is far better than the one that came...
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    Non Cruiser Overland Rig

    Not posted yet. Will be in the 40k range. KBB books just the truck at 30-31k, Carli suspension, H&S tuning stuff, AT flip pac with all the goodies including 17 gal. water, heat exchanger, Propex heater, AT custom storage, Fiamma awnings (2), National Luna 50 split w/slide, 37" Toyos, Aluminess...
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    Cruise Moab 2013

    Razor Moab was way more fun, trust me.
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    For Sale 1978 FJ40 Las Vegas, NV

    Beautiful rig, but bummed the firewall does not match. That's the worst part of a repaint thats not the oem color, but again very nice.
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    For Sale 1978 fj40.5

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    Project "Snowflake" a 45 extra cab

    They're way to busy finishing it to post pictures right now. It will be at Cruise Moab.
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    fj40 1/2 xtra cab build (long)

    I think i will be without a cruiser for a while, although i do own 2 fj55's. One is a parts rig, and the other is probably the most rust free 55 on the planet, but is in pieces. Time will tell if i decide to build it or not. Right now i'm having a blast wheeling the mini buggy (Polaris RZR 800 s)
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    fj40 1/2 xtra cab build (long)

    Looks like she is going to a new home in Iowa.
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    Non Cruiser Overland Rig

    This rig has been great, but looks like i am going to sell it.
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