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    rising sun rally and swap meet

    See everyone there.
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    80 series rock slider choices

    I prefer to purchase items from those that support the 80s crowd, and specifically the MUD community. As others have said, go with @reevesci AKA, Trail Tailor and you won't be disappointed.
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    The latest entry in poptops

    VW will start marketing these rigs to the #VANLIFE crowd, that's the population that's spending the money. As Phil has said for quite some time, a company that gets into the 80series pop-top market is doing it out of love for 80s, certainly not to make money. No different for Christo focusing...
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    For Sale 100 series in NC

    With rear locker. That should go quick.
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    For Sale  2000 LX470 104k Fort Collins, CO. SOLD

    Good day fellow Mudders, Posting a friends 2000 LX for him, please see the Craigslist add below for additional details. I'd really like to see a rig with this low of miles go to a Cruiserhead. MINT! Lexus / landcruiser - LX470 - LOW MILES
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    Unanswered question

    A guy bought my 22re and drove it south of the border. He planned on fixing it up (force be with him) for his 75 year old father.
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    Hot drivers feet? This may be your fix.

    Another win thanks to @LandCruiserPhil
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    The latest entry in poptops

    I've been telling you for the last year that I'm ready to sell my house and move into one.... wife frowns.... Oh, and hopefully they're putting you in charge of marketing.
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    Builds Trail Tailor- Custom Armor Build plus a few things

    Hell yeah!!!! Looks awesome brother.
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    The latest entry in poptops

    Damn it Phil where's the 80 series version? (and don't you dare post a pic of your rig again)
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    OME shock replacement

    Sure do brother. Check out my build thread in my signature and you'll see a ton of them, before and after installation.
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    Bolt on turbo kit

    Also interested in helping this project come to fruition. Joey hit me up when you're taking deposits. I don't like seeing you take the entire brunt of the financial obligation when you're fabbing up world class products only to have some of them go the way of the dinosaur before I get my...
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    OME shock replacement

    Removed the 2.5" OME lift with probably 6k on them (medium shocks and spring) and upgraded to the 41mm Tough Dog foam shocks, with constant springs that ended up at about a 3" lift. Also installed the Adjustable Steering damper which I love. (very noticeable when on the trail) I'd say what I...
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    Builds Mak92-4Rnr's 1988 4Runner Build

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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Freaking @Dubbinchris, I knew someone was going to give me shi* about the table being a table. I meant work-bench becoming a table and even thought about rerecording it, but said F--- it. And yes, rear winch mount where the box is. Questions? I would defer to to @reevesci regarding its strength.
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