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    1998 Tacoma Radiator Replacement

    I hope all is well folks. I need a recommendation for a radiator replacement on my 1st generation 1998 Tacoma. It has a manual tranny with a 2.7 liter engine. Looked at Rock Auto and it had a good list of radiators however it left me a little confused. Can anyone get me straight on the best...
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    Body hinge cushion material

    There's a guy on eBay under the user name Kenootski that sells hinge pads etc... I think you can just enter "FJ40" gaskets is eBay's search engine and pull it up.
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    FJ40 on Overhaulin

    Yea, but I ain't that lucky, all my restorations require a Tetanus shot. I know rust = $$$$ but it ain't in my life plan.
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    FJ40 on Overhaulin

    Serious LS III motor they dropped in that rig.
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    FJ40 on Overhaulin

    II almost fell over when they sandblasted the body and there was no rust. I laughed and thought, is this possible? I wasn't a fan of the cream colored custom wheels and steering wheel but it was a nice build.
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    Builds 1974 FJ40 Practical Rebuild

    Right darn proud of ya! Very nice job.
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    Parasitic electrical draw problem - help please

    Smart dudes up in here!
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    Builds 1974 FJ40 Practical Rebuild

    Very nice work and planned on doing the same with my rotten gas tank well; this will really help me out. Thanks for sharing.
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    SOLD DFW Texas 1978 FJ 40 See pictures

    Running an auction I reckon.
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    Builds Love Bug, the Land Cruiser and me...

    What a sweet rig!
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    1971 FJ40 tinkering thread (isn't totally dead)

    Personally not much on diamond plate but, kind of dig your front winch bumper.
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    For Sale Tons of Fj40 parts!!! -yuba

    Drop down tailgate hinges?
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    Panel Source

    Gents, Has anyone purchased any panels from Real Steel Cruiser Parts lately? I tried hitting them by phone several times but was unable to make contact. I just wanted to make sure they were good to go. I hope everyone has a safe holiday. John
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    SOLD 1966 Cummins 4BT H55f Proffitt's Stage 3 Restomod

    Did you used to live around the Tidewater area of Virginia?
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