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    2012 Southern Cruiser Crawl

    Out, y'all have fun.
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year

    Not even sure if the Beaver at Ole Miss has a player s*** all stupid as this. Bama over Michigan, UT beats NC State, Clemson over Auburn and we get to see how bad Ole Miss sucks....again.
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    Mid South....Buy/Sell/Trade

    Looking for a set of 33x10.5x15's for the 4Runner. Let me know whatcha got.
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    Gubs....boom pow

    Just L I V I N son. Have any of you black gub enthusiasts seen or know anything about the Beowulf Entry? It's a .50 cal upper on an AR-15 platform.
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    Gubs....boom pow

    I second that. .40 cal powder pushing a 9mm projectile. It's nastier than Bomar's ex wife.
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    Not Sure Where This Goes... - 3.Slow V6

    You've got mail.
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    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    There's one 2 blocks from your house corner of Lyncrest and Laurel.
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    Friday Thread

    Work till 2ish scrapping what was 150k in medical equipment. 400lbs of stainless, copper and aluminum will pay for the cutting torch. Then head to the lake to spend the weekend hanging with friends. 4 wheelers, shooting and cooking. Drive home. Finish cutting up those machines.
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    College Football Smack

    Sorry I offended the forum gods and a few of their parishioners. I'll refrain from repeating what a star ole miss player says about his own female classmates in the future.
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    Cool cars and CLC chat

    I doubt it is a fuse unless they installed a fuse between the device and ground. Hope so though.
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    Cool cars and CLC chat

    Da truff
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    Friday Thread

    Don't prime it unless you can paint it soon. Primer is what paint sticks to, not what keeps the elements out.
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    Friday Thread

    Meetings until noon then heading to Tunica for the Cold Weather Campout. Sub rainy for cold this year. Stay wet all day tomorrow. Drive home Sunday and watch some football game.
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    College Football Smack

    I agree. It wasn't flashy other than Quay Evans but we filled our voids very well...on paper. We also had several guys get on campus this semester, including Quay, which is huge. On to baseball.
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