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    Wanted 2000 lx470 3rd brake light assembly

    It's in the upper hatch. Sorry I should have said that. Thanks
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    Wanted  2000 lx470 3rd brake light assembly

    Looking for a 3rd brake light for a 2000 lx470 or land cruiser with roof mounted 3rd brake light. Thank you Anthony
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    Wanted 100 Right Headlight Assembly

    Hahaha. thanks for responding guys and I appreciate the bidding war. I did end up receiving one locally but your prices were less than I paid I just needed it now. I'm sure there are plenty of others in need just like I was and perhaps this wont be the last that I need. Thanks again Anthony
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    Wanted 100 Right Headlight Assembly

    @2001LC Yes let me know if you have on please. I may have found one locally and will know tomorrow if that doesn't work out ill send you money for yours. Thank you
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    Wanted  100 Right Headlight Assembly

    Looking for a right side headlight assembly for an 01 100 I have. Thanks Anthony
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    Best option to de chrome plastic

    I used hydrochloric acid (toilet bowl cleaner), it took soaking the parts for a few weeks but all the chrome literally fell off
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    Treeline Outdoors RTT Feedback

    Has anyone used one of the Treeline outdoors roof top tents? I'm in the market for a RTT and these look really nice, especially the goal zero. I was just wondering if any mud member have some feedback to share. Thanks in advance Anthony
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    FJ60 Full Cut and Sewn Carpet Set Group Buy

    I could not agree with that more and a true shame is an understatement
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    I live in richmond and I'm looking to do some trips this spring and summer, I am finishing a 60 in the next month or so and have a 40 that's in progress also. Let me know who wants to get together Thanks Anthony
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    Wanted  FJ60 Light Blue

    I'm in search for a light blue fj60 preferably with little rust but some mechanical issues are ok. On the east coast would be nice as I'm in Virginia but can travel. Stock or lightly modified would be great as I am going to be using this as more of a travel vehicle than a trail rig. I have 2...
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