Wanted 100 Right Headlight Assembly

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@2001LC Yes let me know if you have on please. I may have found one locally and will know tomorrow if that doesn't work out ill send you money for yours. Thank you
I've got one: $130 includes shipping. shipping from 42104 in Kentucky
119.98...heck if I can get you any cheaper I may just buy yours from you to resale, lol.

In all honesty I don't care one way or the other...there will always be more broken lamps that people will need and won't want to pay dealer prices. Until then mine will collect dust in the garage.
I just playing with you, my friend! Buyer likely bought the set in mentioned locally.

Have a great day.;)

Messing with you as well, lol! Hope you have had a blessed day as well!
Hahaha. thanks for responding guys and I appreciate the bidding war. I did end up receiving one locally but your prices were less than I paid I just needed it now. I'm sure there are plenty of others in need just like I was and perhaps this wont be the last that I need.

Thanks again

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