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    For Sale Con Ferr Roof Rack (Medium Length) - CA - Bay Area - $275

    Looking for this rack. I've got cash, just not anywhere near Cali. GLWS.
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    Fj40 wiring disaster for taillights

    I'm only hesitant to send it "as is" because it was drawn (really it was copied with the colors added to the wires) with my specific truck in mind. I did not include anything that I was not wiring (smog stuff for example). Also my designer OCD would have me polish it a bit before "publishing"...
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    I'm sure that's what was informing my previous (wrong) presumptions about book values. Just found it surprising that the numbers don't support bias towards the more updated/modern models. I DO wish mine had the 2F though, maybe someday.
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    Maybe all the garbage flowing in through Florida is affecting the book values, I had considered it. Seems like FJ-co.'s prices are high enough to throw the whole value thing the other direction though. LOL! I also have disc brakes (FJ60) and power steering (Saginaw) on my '74... (I put them...
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    Bidding starts at $52,500 :oops: Higher detail pics (not processed through the forum?) look like the paint just might be original. I can't see any giveaways at least.
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    Head rests

    Those SPAM robo calls about to get real. :oops:
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    Fj40 wiring disaster for taillights

    I've got the same issue with a painless harness. P.O. had totally bypassed the hazard switch. I had all my switches/cables/knobs redone by @RAGINGMATT (They came back AMAZING!) and dug into the wiring to get everything working. I still haven't cracked the hazard switch. I even redrew the entire...
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    I just looked up the NADA value, which is what my insurance uses to determine replacement value. I also believe NADA book values to be a reflection of the market and what people ARE paying, beyond mud members that have their wallets directly on the pulse of a good deal. Interesting. Maybe this...
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    Verifying original paint would be my top priority in pricing the truck. Others have pointed out some little things that seem off from "original" but I feel like much of that could easily be put back. Original paint/body can never be put back. Repainted or not, the truck looks very good to me...
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    how to determine when to go to the toyota parts counter vs vendor

    You could do what I did in an attempt to maintain some semblance of budget: Make a REALLY OVER comprehensive spreadsheet of the parts you need for your build with a Price+Shipping column for each place you can find the part. The first two parts shops on my list: Cruiser Outfitters CityRacer...
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    City racer 16 wheels & drum brakes?

    I don't have them so I don't know, but from what I understand... yes. I believe they are just meant to give you an OEM looking wheel but the ability to run wider rubber. In order to center the rubber on the wheel, I'm guessing that's where you see the difference in offset.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Congrats rkymtnflyfisher on your new job as a graphic designer for Simms fishing. Link : Simms T-shirt
  13. Simms.png


    T-shirt design
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    For Sale Fj40-45 Oem Tailgate, Extra hinge and a half

    Decent price from what I've seen sell for more. GLWS. FWIW to potential buyers, I've seen reproduction chain bolts around mud somewhere, they are a very close match. The Left hand latch hook would be fairly easy to fabricate if you can't find one. These tailgates are getting harder and harder...
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    Whatcha think? 1974 FJ40 for sale need opinions!!

    I just put the above '74 mostly back together. (always pending a few details, right?) I guess yours is titled as a '74 built in '73. Most '74s have the (arguably) more desirable 4 speed transmission. There are some other cool unique things to a '74 that truck is missing. It would be a shame to...
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