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    Builds Cruiser Gear Legend Giveaway - FJ40 Restomod

    I only live like 35 min north of the shop . It's going to be a short video.
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    Wiring help

    I'm just jumping on the pile unnecessarily. I am self-described "NOT an expert" on wiring, and most of what I DO know has come from mud members that have already chimed in to help you. I thought I'd share my own recent experience to maybe give you some emotional support. My truck came with a...
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    For Sale Con-Ferr Basket Roof Rack - SLC, UT

    I'm on the hunt for a Con-Ferr for my 40 series. You got me all excited when I saw you are in SLC. Unfortunately I need the 5' wide version as well. Looks great on your 60.
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    Bad BJ40 photoshop scam?

    I do photoshop daily for my job. It would probably take some dedicated work to make that look like that. It seems to be an overexposure (digital camera looking for white balance and finding a lot of white in the frame, so it blows out the brightest parts). The photo is weird, but I don't think...
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    Wanted FJ40 tail gate

    ...then ask me (I'll tell you the same). And good luck finding OEM chains. I've only ever seen 2 sets change hands in the last 5 years.
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    For Sale NOS FJ40 Gauges (Later model)

    I just need oil pressure (and voltmeter if you have one of those laying around). Any interest in separating them?
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    40 series 5 speed.

    I am VERY interested in a 5-speed. Watching this unfold. Thanks for the effort.
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    For Sale Warn 8274 - Fully Rebuilt - SLC, Utah

    I'm in Uintah (S. Ogden) and I am thinking this would look pretty good on my truck. I'm still recovering from a big pu$h last year (finally put her back on the road). I'm thinking hard about this...
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    Aftermarket FJ40 Dash Pad

    Not yet. Maybe someday. I have lots of pics, just no time LOL.
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    For Sale Con Ferr Roof Rack (Medium Length) - CA - Bay Area - $275

    Looking for this rack. I've got cash, just not anywhere near Cali. GLWS.
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    Fj40 wiring disaster for taillights

    I'm only hesitant to send it "as is" because it was drawn (really it was copied with the colors added to the wires) with my specific truck in mind. I did not include anything that I was not wiring (smog stuff for example). Also my designer OCD would have me polish it a bit before "publishing"...
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    I'm sure that's what was informing my previous (wrong) presumptions about book values. Just found it surprising that the numbers don't support bias towards the more updated/modern models. I DO wish mine had the 2F though, maybe someday.
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    Maybe all the garbage flowing in through Florida is affecting the book values, I had considered it. Seems like FJ-co.'s prices are high enough to throw the whole value thing the other direction though. LOL! I also have disc brakes (FJ60) and power steering (Saginaw) on my '74... (I put them...
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    Help - 1982 FJ40 (thoughts on Value $$$ ???)

    Bidding starts at $52,500 :oops: Higher detail pics (not processed through the forum?) look like the paint just might be original. I can't see any giveaways at least.
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    Head rests

    Those SPAM robo calls about to get real. :oops:
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