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    Rear Axle Bearing Replacement

    Can someone the confirm the part numbers that I need to order for my 99 LC? I can't find a thread with PN's for the year. Axle Shaft Oil Seal Product ID: 90310-58002 Oil Seal Product ID: 90313-62001 Wheel Bearing Product ID: 90369-48001
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    Rear axle seal replacement

    Anyway to bring back the OP's pictures so I can follow along? @2ndGenToyotaFan ?
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    fix for immobilizer issue?

    What was the 2000 Tranny Issue you referenced?
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    Transfer Case Issue

    Thank you for the reply. So if I were to lock the Centre Diff and it works as designed/supposed to, what would the issue be then?
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    Transfer Case Issue

    So, I took my LC to State Automotive in Utah. When they had it up on the lift, they put the truck in drive and the front has plenty of power. However, the rear driveshaft barely turns and the driveshaft can be stopped by hand. What could be causing this? Anyone ever experience this before...
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    Where can I find the FSM for a 99?

    I found the 2002 on eBay for $80... How much of a difference is there between the '99 and the 2002. The '99 is $177
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    Where can I find the FSM for a 99?

    i've checked the forum and where links have been placed, they either don't work or they only give portions of the FSM. If you have a digital copy, could you share?
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    Who has a RTT mounted on factory rack?

    Th Thanks for that. The person I'm buying the tent from doesn't have the U bolts. I found these instead: Mounting Bracket Set Just waiting for them to get here - excited for my new RTT. ARB Simpson III
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    Roof top tent on factory rack

    @Fireman Assuming it's on the OEM rack still, how's it holding up?
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    Who has a RTT mounted on factory rack?

    Thank you @95Fantasma80 That's what I'm reading as well. I'm looking for instructions on how other have done it. So far it's just discussion if it can be done - or if it should be done. Nothing yet of how to get it done. But I'll keep looking.
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    RTT and roof rack

    @ENGINE er do you have pics you can send me on how you mounted your RTT to the stock bars - assuming they don't exist on another thread. Do I need to get a 3rd cross bar?
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    Who has a RTT mounted on factory rack?

    I'm picking up an ARB RTT tomorrow and because I'm getting it for such a great deal, I don't have time to research (or my wife's blessing) to buy a completely new rack system. I was told by installing a 3rd crossbar that it would hold the weight of the rack. But as far as mounting the rack, I...
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    Need roof rack options for RTT

    @LTrain0800 Do you have pictures of how you set this up? I'm picking up the ARB tent tomorrow and all I have is the factory rack.
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    SOLD WeatherTech trunk mat for 100 series - Golden, CO

    I'll meet you in Moab on the 23rd if you want part with it there?
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    Door lock unlock themselves, when Cruiser is shut off

    Where do I find this wiring harness and how do I access it? I've got the same issue and the dealership diagnosed the problem as the BCM (Body Control Module). Not only do my doors lock/unlock themselves but power is remaining on and draining my battery - I'm wondering if they're related.
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