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    Newb Question: Can I install OME shocks before full Slee upgrade?

    Yes you can install just the OME shocks with everything else stock. Just call up Slee and order the OME shocks from that suspension kit. They sale each kit component separately and better to support Slee than someone on eBay.
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    YotaMD Titanium Integrated Remote Key Fob Shell

    Mine arrived in the mail today, zero issues with assembling with my 2004 LC key.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Very straight forward. I would say the hardest part is removing the door panel. First time can be a PITA and then you get the hang of it on the second one. Couple quick tips use the old woofer feed wire as the new input to the crossover. Just disconnect and ignore the feed wire to the factory...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Best $80 and 2 hours I spent on the LC to date! Finally got around to replacing the front factory JBL component speakers. Both sides the surround had come loose and rattling bad. I found some new in box old stock Infinity Reference 6030cs for $80 shipped (originally $260). They fit the...
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    YotaMD Titanium Integrated Remote Key Fob Shell

    Order placed!
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    battery question for 2003 land cruiser

    Last month I replaced my Sears Platinum Marine 31M with this same X2Power from Batteries Plus as it was the only comparable thing I could find locally. So far really happy, great starting power.
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    OEM Land Cruiser 16" wheel fit on LX470?

    Yup, it will fit 100%. The axle/brakes are identical between the LC and LX.
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    2004 Owners Manual

    I was going to point you to eBay as I saw several on there the other day...until I went back and noticed the prices. Holy moly!
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    Dead Battery (3x in 2mths) - 30A BAT Fuse has 500mA draw - what next?

    I meant to take a picture of the plug I disconnected before I put the center console back together. The plug only feeds (power, ground, and signal) the CD/DVD changer and nothing else. The rest of the radio, DVD navigation, air controls, etc all work as normal. In my case the CD/DVD changer...
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    Dead Battery (3x in 2mths) - 30A BAT Fuse has 500mA draw - what next?

    I've had a battery drain issue for years and just been lazy and ignoring it by disconnecting the negative lead when the LC sits for a long time. Finally got a good amp/volt meter and did some testing. Google searching ih8mud told me the likely culprit was the CD/DVD changer in the center...
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    Bad Shocks? Rattle-"thunk" when going over even small road imperfections?

    Check your rear sway bar end bushings. I replaced my rear shocks recently and when I disconnected the rear sway bar I noticed one side the bushing was completely trashed. I have a clunk as well and I'm 99.99% sure if that bushing. Going to replace with extended sway bar links and new bushings...
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    navigation question and thoughts about a purchase

    Way too many costly issues, my vote would be keep looking. Pick a quality rig over simply the right color.
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    Need advice - defective CD unit (2003 LC)

    You are more than welcome. Just in case I wasn't clear on one point, the CD changer being dead throws no codes on the MFD. Unless I try and use it I otherwise have no idea its not working. I'm actually going to remove mine completely and replace the center console with a standard "bucket" so...
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    What aftermarket break pads did you buy?

    Some japanese made ceramic pads my buddy got through his work (german auto repair shop). They work awesome, no noises and awesome stopping power. While the OEM are a safe bet, non-OEM doesn't automatically mean you will have issues.
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