YZZB6 filter

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May 31, 2003
Anybody know anything about this filter?


That is comming up as an invalid number on the US master file.
Where did you get it? Lexus?
cruiserman said:

cruiserman- do you mean the YZZB6 is made in Malasia? It says right in the picture "Made In Japan". :confused:
No sir. That's where it was acquired.
I think the YZZB6 is the old part # the new part # is YZZD3
If that were the case there would be a PNC record in the part number file. There is not.
Interesting that it limits the 1FZFE application years.
Rich said:
Cut that sucker open and show us what is inside!

It uses foam as filter media, not like the 20002 material. It is more like the foam you use to wash your cruiser, or the foam used in some of the soda cushion. You can see the yellow foam in the picture. It has a plastic cage inside. The white stuff in there is the plastic cage.


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